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The Parcham Foundation

Henning Parcham, the 1552 Born 9. Child was married, no children. Shortly before his death, at the 16.2.1602 he called a foundation, under the name "Parcham'sche Stiftung" still has its validity.

Parcham Henning was born in Treptow at the Rega, where his father performed the duties of the Mayor. 1597 He was alderman in Lübeck and was 1599 Embassy of the participants in the Hanseatic city of King Christian IV. of Denmark.

After the early death of his widow Parchams Gesche remarried Lübeck Mayor Alexander Lüneburg. Gesche Lüneburg verw. Parcham died on 28. July 1620 and was buried next to her first husband.


"Lo Dörp Paddelüche potholes mine Testament arias thome düresten, Can ALSs se, Vorhüeren, And Wadt Jareliks Baven de expenses Darvon Kamen Werdt, solckes to be turned on poor Veer Jungfruven Annually Licks And students at Veer, However denselven alone, so from mihner Fründtschop, so from Sehligen Valtin Parcham, and Miener Moeder Annen Lebbins sin born; And potholes ock desülve, whom honor oil Dern Verstervven, negesttüegen sick tho laeten sin guilty. Dar ock miner Fründen No Available, Studeren they would, so soll Datjenige embeds up the tiedt, dat etzliche presence Studeren Sun, Upgelegt, And if it nödig lake, dartho be applied. Solde idt ock after Gades want thodragen, dat No Fründe lines of miner born as pre-report, syn there would, Sun solckes should glickwol other Frömbde, na voriger Disposition, Students and poor Jungfruwen, na rade miner Testamentarien, uthgedehlt be. My Testament arias ick kese Franciscum Knöckert, Secretarium; Claws Köler; Pawel Jürgen; Hinrich and Martens; and wants as much of them verstervet obody, that an alßdann of the dead Steede, , a framer man uth miner Fründschop weddeerumb in de Steede gekohren be, beth dath dith min Testament Last Will and paid entirely; doch will ick, dat the Pronotarius pro tempore stedes within Lübeck, With one Testamentarius = sin sol "

Can annually from this foundation 6 Students and 6 Girls to study, or. receive aid for dowry. Such requests can be submitted directly to the Parcham Foundation. They are granted to needy Sudierende and young women, derived from the progeny of the parents of the donor (or are born in Lübeck)

The members of today's and future generations have to prove their direct descent from the ancestor. In marrying girls is an officially certified evidence of the required Bedürftikeit. The trunk line can be found in the database.

“The Municipality of the Royal. Preuss. Behind Pomeranian town Treptow an der Rega urkundet and testified at the basis of the documents contained rathäuslichen master rows and inflicted wedding- baptismal certificates and thereby, that of the former mayor of this town Parcham Mr. Valentin and his wife Anna of Lebbins eheleibliche and daughter of Mr. Henning Parcham, the founder of Stipendii vollbürtige sister, Elisabeth Jungfer Parcham, Lord Mayor Georg Pauli here even geehelicht and has born during this marriage Anna Pauli. This is the merchant's elder Mr. Joachim Kiene and their daughter Else Kienen, with the local senator Bartholomew Gadebusch, and their son, the Mayor Samuel Gadebusch, here even been married to Sophia pageboy. The latter have been the son of Samuel Valentin Gadebusch….” The original of this letter is to the Board of the Foundation.

The basic assets of the Foundation consists of the arable farms of the estate Padelügge the outskirts of the city before Lübeck Holsten at the Travelodge and lands in Holstein. Today the Gutsgelände is just off the motorway exit Lübeck-Moisling. Cash and cash equivalents consist of the Foundation's annual surpluses of administration. The estate in the district Padelügge Buntekuh II is already in the realm of freedom Lübeck letter of Emperor Frederick. of 1226 mentioned in documents and reaches at this time in the possession of the family Padelügge in the possession of the Counts of Schauenburg and Holstein. 1247 dispose of Count Gerhard I. and Count Johann I. Holstein from the estate to the city of Lübeck, it 1268 resold. From then on, the estate remains until the acquisition by Henning Parcham in 1596 in alternating possession Lübeck patrician families. The mansion had in Padelügge 1734 with a new building of the city architect Joseph William Petrini († 1747) be replaced. It is used today as the headquarters of the Foundation. The tenant house of goods fell 1880 a major fire victims, where the Lübeck fire but was able to save the mansion. The leased by the Foundation Good also has more land outside the city limits in Holstein.


The Foundation accepts Parcham'sche insofar a special position among the foundations of Lübeck, as their capital and income that derives entirely from land ownership. While many of the historical foundations lost their capital in the inflation of the 1920s, survived the Parcham'sche Foundation this time undamaged. The value of the Foundation grew again significantly, as an industrial area and was the motorways 1 then A 20 across the territory of the estate and were the foundation for the country was compensated. As the number of family members, The Foundation took advantage, remained low, was the purpose of the foundation expanded several times, recently in 2000. This expansion was to include promoting a chair possible.

Sun acts before the foundation of Henning Parchams 400 Years continues to this day. Literature: (DGB Bd. 90; S. 644) 1.) Paul Christian Nicolaus Lembke: The Parcham'sche foundation of Lübeck – 1602-1844. Lubeck 1844 2.) Hubertus Neuschäffer: Manor houses and stately homes in and around Lübeck. Neumünster 1988, ISBN 3-529-02691-3 3.) Meike Kruse: The Parcham'sche foundation of Lübeck. They went out for the story and for the house 1844. (Publications on the history of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, Published by the Archives of Lübeck, Series B band 34). Lubeck: Publisher Schmidt-Römhild 2001. ISBN 3-7950-0472-1 (See article in Wikipedia)

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