Joachim Lambert IV. Minister and senior pastor inspector to Spandau

Joachim Lambert was born on 28.1.1658 Born in Kyritz. Since the family had before him Lamprecht three carriers of the same name, He was Joachim IV. called.

The Lamberts were among the oldest families of the city council detectable. As the old records were destroyed by the magistrate Kyritzer larger fires, it was in researching the history of the oldest local families rely almost exclusively on the church records.

In the 2. Generation can be outside 3 Daughters (Anna, Ilsa und Barbara Lamprecht) two sons find. Is not known but since the marriage register of the father, can not be proved in documents, descended from which of the two oldest sons this Lamprecht. The most likely scenario, that Joachim II. a son of Joachim I. John and I. a son of Caspar I. has been.

The 3. Generation of Kyritzer Lamprecht has 8 Persons on, of which only 7 specified in the baptismal register as children of John Lambert and Trapp are Erdmuth. This 7 Children in the years 1623-1641 born. However, since the marriage of the parents already 1618 was closed and the baptismal register in the years 1619-1622 very unreliable, one can assume, that the in 1623 daughter born the eldest child is not. The image rights (Upper left to lower left) Bernd has Malner in Berlin

In the death register is on 3. February 1706 following Notitz: “Mr. Joachim Lamprecht buried with protruding bells, his age 85 Years”. Joachim II of this. is therefore 1620 or 1621 Born and should therefore be regarded as the oldest son of Mayor John Lamprecht and Erdmuth Trapp.

Ob Joachim III. has also led the mayor's office has not been established in Kyritz. In his marriage to Anna Schönermark him 10 Children born. The third son was Joachim IV. came on 28.1.1658 to the world and has been on 2. Baptized February. His godparents were the mayor Melchior Trapp, Hinrich Kohn, Miachael Kirchhoff, Mrs. Caspar Schönermark Jesse and Elizabeth.

Excerpts from his life

At the 5. February 1681 Lamprecht was Joachim matriculated in Jena. In the spring of 1682 Lambert's life took a decisive turn. The City of Spandau looking for a new cantor for the Lutheran large city school. His choice fell on the young Lamprecht, who joined now by the same university from his first public office. At that time there were teaching time of Masters John Brockmeyer from Torgau, Samuel Jacobi from Brandenburg, in the 1684 Successor in office of Rector Brockmeyer was.

The political situation of that time were also in Spandau in appearance and moving hearts and minds of the citizens. Lamprecht could occur after three years working at the school at last into a ministry. He was on 25. August 1685 by the magistrate to deacon at the main church of St. Nicolai elected in Spandau. The St. Nicolai Church is the oldest church in the city, a brick building from the 2. Half of the 12. Century. Here were three priests working. Minister and senior pastor Inspector Zacharias Matthiae was from Brandenburg, Archdeacon George vulpinus and Joachim, the youngest Lambert came to. But on vulpinus 25.9.1685 died, Lambert was elected Archdeacon.

The St. Nicholas Church is one of the most important buildings in the Altstadt Spandau. She had particular significance for the Reformation, which spread from there in Brandenburg and Berlin. Elector Joachim II. occurred there 1539 his conversion to evangelical commitment. His mother, Elizabeth, is thought to be the true reformer in Brandenburg. She had already 1527 opted for the Protestant cause, was therefore 1528 fled the country and return again until ready, if they could live freely here to Lutheran teaching their faith. When she 1545 finally fulfilled all conditions saw, chose it for the last ten years of her life to the great hall of residence for the Spandau Citadel.

At the 17. November 1685 was his marriage to Anna Sophie Colorful Beard, a daughter of the provost and Johann Bunte Consistorial Beard celebrated in Berlin. Her grandfather Joachim Colorful beard at the time of the great war minister in Langen near Neuruppin. In the years 1690 to 1706 The pair were 9 Children born.

The official duties of the archdeacon was to command in the electoral 1688 also, he turns to the deacon, Sunday morning at Heidenreich 7 or to preach in the afternoon at the penitentiary and then had to hold exams. Lamprecht and his colleagues reached, that finally a preacher's widow, and that a house was built was built Synodalwitwenkasse.

At the 31. August 1691 Spandau was affected by a major accident, to suffer from the well had Lamprecht. In a severe thunderstorm lightning struck with such force in the Powder Tower, that the same was shattered with all the neighboring buildings. About 20 Persons were killed while. In the term of Lamprecht was also the day of the coronation of King Frederick I. at the 18. January 1701. This day was celebrated in Spandau.

And as the Queen Sophie Charlotte 1. February 1705 died while visiting her mother in Hanover, now came to the inspector appointed to the command Joachim Lamprecht, prevent this death after a certain ritual and to the national mourning and a six-week ringing known.

The old inspector, died on Matthiae 17. August 1707. Now was the provost Conrad Gottfried Lamprecht by Blankenberg finally introduced as an inspector. In 1712 found a church- and school visitation. The visitors were the consistory Risselmann, Provost George Frideric Schnaderbach, Dean of the Brandenburg von Oppen and the District of Briest. Among Lambert's inspection 25 Communities, including Potsdam and only a few months before his death 1730, were separated municipalities situated in Havelländische circle and combined to form an inspection of Potsdam.

At the 26.12.1715 was the 3. kurmärkische jubilee on the occasion of the royal family before 300 Years awarded Electorate celebrated and Lamprecht was Joachim's third son by his father at Easter 1721 introduced as a preacher. 1726 He came as a deacon to Perleberg, and married there on 24.4.1727 with the young mayor's daughter Katharine Elizabeth Zernitz from old patrician family. The eldest son George had been 1721 Archdeacon in Advertising in the Altmark

At the 27.9.1730 Joachim died in Lamprecht 73. Years. At the 1. October, he was ceremoniously buried in his church near the altar. Honored the memory of the community by, that it gave his image a privileged place in the choir of the church to the right of the altar. It is a life-size oil painting of the words: “Mr. Joachim Lamprecht, deserving senior pastor and inspector of this and the neighboring communities. Born to Kyritz on 28. January 1658, died in Spandau on 27. September 1730, aged 72 Years, 8 Months”. – Painted by Frederick Guhle on 10. January 1730.

Genealogical analysis:

His great-grandson, Joachim Frederick Lamprecht (1733-1807) Mr. Gallun and on Kallinchen in Teltow, Top secret Justice- Upper Tribunal- and Consistory in Berlin, Member of the College auditing in the preparation of the general land laws, and was on 12. 10 1786 knighted.

His son Karl Friedrich Andreas Lamprecht was director of the Royal Prussian. Guards Corps and married to Anna Louise von During (1798-1886) in the 88. Years 20 Great-grandchildren experienced, these were the 6 Children of the Governor Konrad von Gossler (Born in the period 1877-1885) the 7 Children of Lieutenant General Martin von Gossler (Born in the time of 1870-1885) 4 Children of the Lord Chamberlain and Captain Alhard born Baron von der Borch and Toni. von Gossler (1869-1880) and 3 Children of Major General Godfrey Rabe von Pappenheim and Gertrude, give. von Gossler.

In this long line of ancestors we meet as the Earl of Wylich and Lottum, The family Liesegang, Countess Zech, otherwise known as Burkersroda, the von Hardenberg, von Goerne, of Liebenrode, by Gerlach, of the Groeben, Dieskau, of Schierstaedt, of Pfuel, of Rhaden, Finck von Finckenstein, of Veltheim , Count Pückler Limpurg, Prince of Putbus and many more. Those. Genealogical research by the minister Albert Liesegang.


1. Joachim IV. Lamprecht, Minister and senior pastor inspector in Spandau *1658
2. Georg Lamprecht, Senior pastor at Spandau *1694 (The picture was painted by Bernhard Rode) The image rights reserved by © Bernd Malner, Berlin

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