Forester and hunter champions in Sophienhof and Ilsenburg Zanthier


Zanthier Linde Sophienhof

Who today to Sophienhof is, guess not sure about the former isolation and the difficulties of the residents: Loneliness, long distances to the nearest village, difficult road conditions and lack of means of transport. This small town, near the ice Talmühle was founded on the so-called Schmerplatz. Year 1661 there is a large corral of cows and cattle have been built, the barn 1963 was demolished due to disrepair. In the 19. Jahrhundert wird ein kleines Jagschloß der Wernigeröder Grafen und ein Gestüt erwähnt.

But there were previously known top forester working. 1745 Long had the forester of the forest management causes, according to their guidelines at first and later in the year 1747 and 1748 up there working forester Hans Dietrich had to depend on Zanthier, Before then, he began new forestry knowledge, or asserted. His achievements in the field of economic forest utilization were recognized and called him to higher responsibilities. From Sophienhof Zanthier had to take care of the Rothesütte and Huftal including hunting grounds and fish ponds.


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Zanthier was on 14.9.1717 salt in Furth, the son of Elbing in East Prussia from originating country- and Kreissteuereinnehmers Heinrich Dietrich von Zanthier (1676-1729) and its 1. Wife, Christine Anna Eleanor of Bodenhausen (1683-1718) born. His father was a landowner to salt Furth, Capella, Thalheim, Saxony Anhalt and. With 15 Jahren wurde Zanthier Leibpage beim Herzog von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel, 17-year-old he was hunting in the principality of Blankenburg and Page became the father of Johann Georg von Langen regular forestry.

Zanthier writes here about: “When I had the good fortune, at a major honor Forstmann learn, I held it in time for austerity, when I am on the hunt, which I had more desire and lust, want to discourage. I could hardly believe, that it is necessary, preferable to the cumbersome nature of the forest merry chase”.

1737 accompanied by Langen pupil for nine years after Norway, learned surveying, Mapping, Classification, Assessment of forests and their planned use. Zanthier was 1740 Wood rangers and Royal Danish hunting Junker.


The Hohenstein areas 1745

Christian Ernst Graf zu Stolberg-Wernigerode committed Zanthier 1747 as a forest- hunting and champion of his county, initially be based in Sophienhof for the management of areas Rothesütte, Schmerplätzer and Hufthäler from the former county and district Hohnstein Schierke including carbon- and Torfwesens.

1748 Zanthier was the chief forester- and Jägermeister appointed and the overall supervision of all staff, nice and Forestry Hohnsteinischen (overall 16000 has) entrusted, his ministry was now sitting in the Waldhof Ilsenburg. 30 Years he worked in Ilsenburg and earned a reputation as a practitioner, Writer and teacher.

Zanthiers professional reputation and his philanthropic nature led him to many students, Finally, he led his house as a forest institute, Master School and Academy of Forestry, the first in Germany, probably the world.

At the 22.2.1751 He married Louise of Ilsenburg Schierstedt *3.3.1720 Good to Benzingerode +1.7.1789 Ilsenburg. Luise war die Tochter des Gutsbesitzers auf Benzingerode Jost Friedrich von Schierstedt und der Sophie Auguste von Krosigk. He died in Wernigerode on 30.11.1778

With the name Zanthier later named after him is a direct descendant, It was the Prussian district administrator and politician Hans Dietrich von Zanthier (1856-1925) Member of the Prussian House of Lords.

Sophienhof is now a very popular hiking destination and well-visited resort, they can hardly believe the former seclusion yet.

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