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60.000 new data on

On are today more 60.000 To find records. You are therefore total about 1.5 Million records available.

1) Indices aus Kirchenbüchern – ca. 46.000 new records:

Entries from the following parishes are new: Lower Austria: Waldviertel: Japons, Kamp, Münichreith. Weinviertel: Fahndorf, Ziersdorf, Neuaigen. Industrial area: Rohrau, Göttlesbrunn, Dog home, Höflein, Arbesthal. Moravia: Proßmeritz

2) Trauungseinträge aus der Wiener Zeitung – 5.275 Marriages:

These marriages between 1716 and 1726 come from the Vienna newspaper. Men and women are given, but not the parish, but only as a wedding venue in Vienna. In combination with the marriage index of Vienna, can also be found on, you will find the proper parish priest, however, quickly. These marriages were not part of the Vienna-marriage between index 1542 and 1860 added, but to the database "indexes".

3) Verzeichnis aller Mühlenbesitzer 1876 in Cisleithania on 8.000 new records:

The list of the year 1876 is now complete: all mill owners Cisleithania (Austrian half of the monarchy), and many names of mills are now available from the crown lands Tyrol with Vorarlberg and Tyrol, Styria, k.k. Silesia, To find littoral and Carniola.

4) Trauungsindex von Wien – Korrekturen der Burgpfarre:

Unfortunately, there is also a larger database errors. To correct this I will be in the next time a big concern. Mr. Guenther Pethers I hereby would like to correct and control of more than 4.500 Entries from the Viennese castle parish thank!

5) Kooperation zwischen Matricula und GenTeam:

In Kooperation mit Matricula,, GenTeam created indexes of parish registers, which are integrated into the database "indexes" (found on two Web pages in the "employees"). Matricula GenTeam and therefore invite all researchers, in this unique project, The researchers, each of us comes to good, collaborate. Since the church books are digitally over the internet already, is not a journey activity required. Some parishes already exist indices, part must be an index to be rebuilt. This is true for already digitized parish registers from other archives, as those in the Czech Republic.

GenTeam is free and non-profit oriented. GenTeam is an association of genealogists, working independently or in teams to databases and make these data freely available to all researchers. The databases are a help in the search for ancestors and relatives.