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New on more than 240.000 new entries

1 20.742 new obituaries from the NFP 1901-1918:

All obituaries (Parten), the new ones in the Free Press, Vienna, between 1864 and 1918 are published, than its own database to to find. Available are the family, The first name, Name and year of birth. By the specified link each entry to go directly to the Parte. The result left the digitized newspapers from the ANL, which are freely available on the project annum on the Internet.

You'll find not only naturally Obituaries, Vienna relating to the deceased, but many, who have lived in the crown lands of the Monarchy. Most contain these business lines, the bereaved and to provide many valuable genealogical information.

The database includes now 33.820 Entries from the years 1864-1918.

In Mrs Traude Triebel and Dipl.-Ing. George Gaugusch, This creates the database for all of us have and to make available free of charge, I would like to thank you on behalf of all researchers.

2 7.308 Entries from the civil marriage ceremonies

Vienna 1870-1908

The possibility of Notzivilehe was the Reich Law Gazette No.. 49 from 25. More 1868 from the year 1870 created and applied to the acquisition of the German Marriage Act, from the 1. August 1938 allowing civil marriage in Austria. As in § 64 of the AGBG of the year 1811 was not repealed, Christian had to leave the church first part (non-denominational), while sufficient for a Jewish wedding ceremony of the denial of a rabbi.

For this (Not)Civil marriages were created its own register books, in a duplicate Vienna- and State Archives can be found in compliance with the Personal Status Law. Mrs. Univ.Doz. Dr. Lea Anna Staudacher from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) has these civil marriages in Vienna between 1870 and 1908 (Books 1-5) detected and this database GenTeam made available.

With Mrs. Univ.Doz. Dr. Anna Staudacher, and for the kind permission of Heraldic-Genealogical Society "Adler", Vienna, I would like to thank at this point.

Further information and explanations, see the specifications relating to eagle at the annual 2007 to 2010.

3 214.906 new entries from parish registers of indices

in Lower, Upper, Moravia

New indices from Lower Austria: Old market district in the forest, Aschbach, Echsenbach, Eibenstein, Euratsfeld, Gobelsburg, Heiligeneich, Laimbach, Kamp, Mitter graves, Münichreith, Neulengbach, Rohrau, Schweiggers, Strögen, Wieselburg, Windigsteig, Ysper, Zwentendorf

From Upper Austria: Liebenau

From Moravia: Proßmeritz

between 1625 and 1910 can now be viewed. The exact period of the worked-indices, see the Help page on the stage in the indices

When Silvia Kittenberger, Susanne Nittmann, Gabi Rirsch, Martina Schulz, Frau Mireille Trauner, Dr. Gabriele Watzer, Mr. Mag. Gottfried Boeck, Mr. Mag. Fritz Eichler, Mr. Pfr. KR Richard Jindra, Mr. Herbert Leitner, Mr. Alois Pruckner, Mr. Richard Richter, Mr. Franz Spevacek, Dr. And Mr. Ing from Armin Watzer. Leopold Zeilinger, I want to thank you for all the work!

With these new data sets the researchers are now a total of approximately. 550.000 Entries are available.

4 Beginning of the processing of the Heider-indices

Joseph Heider has all the existing baptismal, Trauungs- and death registers of the current Mühlviertel and large parts of the Salzkammergut in Upper Austria and mostly between Matrikenbeginn 1784, partially to 1891, indicated.

Of the legitimate heir has now received permission GenTeam, Heider, the indices all researchers to make available.

As a work-up using OCR for technical reasons is not working and the error rate would be enormous, has decided GenTeam, the indices completely write off. When Mireille Trauner, Now, the first index of Liebenau (1757-1891) has taken over the border Waldviertler, I would like to thank. The entries from the Heider-indices are entered into the database "indexes".

5 new meta search in all databases of GenTeam

For all researchers, primarily on the (rare) Surnames looking for, turns off immediately GenTeam metasearch of all individual databases are available.

GenTeam is free, not profit-oriented and not tied to a membership fee. GenTeam is an association of genealogists, working independently or in teams to databases and make these data freely available to all researchers. The databases are a help in the search for ancestors and relatives.

On GenTeam, Austria's largest bank data collection, Now you can find almost 2 Million records:

Marriage Index of Vienna and the surrounding area between 1542 and 1860
Civil marriages of Vienna between 1870 and 1908
Parten offers from the New Press 1864-1918
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