Now's the deal perkt: The most popular family network MyHeritage and has bought


Has already announced a few days ago mysteriously, Large flat MyHeritage! Now finally the cat is out of the bag!


Today, now gave MyHeritage the acquisition of and known. The time now since the year 2007 already the seventh, but above all the biggest takeover, The My Heritage has ever announced. und sind Abo-Dienste, Founded in 2006. These pages provide access to a vast pool of historical data contents.

The database includes billions of people from censuses, Birth registers, Marriage registers and death registers.

Both sites offer mainly family-based access to key records in the U.S., UK and Australia. We expect mainly the US-American records for German users be of great interest, because with the US-American population census in 2000 gave a total of 43 Million people "German" as your main ancestry to. Just 1,4 Millions of Americans describe German as their mother tongue.

For 60 Million people who are registered with MyHeritage, this represents an incredible value. The Smart Matching technology will automatically find future matches between the new historical data and the family trees on MyHeritage.

“This merger creates new horizons for family history research”

The opening of an office in the US-American space, especially in Utah, the international nations center for genealogical research is an important milestone for the company's growth strategy. MyHeritage already offers a perfect service, to share the collected papers of families and to save for future generations.

Transitional and are operated by MyHeritage, with the intention in 2012 to bring about the complete integration. With immediate effect and for a limited period, get loyal MyHeritage- Users discounts of up to 50% auf und The same applies to MyHeritage also for users of and