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By Michael Rembow – Ritter Ordens of merit for

rembow-4Born Michael of Rembow-Sabinski 1740, Mr. Kirschnehnen on the circle Fischhausen, was on 3.3.1754 in the garrison Regiment von Manteuffel No.. 11 occurred. He was of 1756-1762 during the campaign and the siege of Schweidnitz, the campaign in Pomerania, Battles at wholesale Jägerndorf here. After capture, he came 1763 back to the regiment.

His officer's career

05.09.1757 Ensign
25.09.1760 Sekondelieutnant
01.07.1770 Premierlieutnant in the garrison Regiment of Ingersleben No.. 11
09.05.1778 Stabskapitän
31.10.1778 Captain and Kompagniechef
1778/79 Engagement at Opava
14.08.1786 Offset to free regiment of Arnauld
23.11.1786 Major
01.06.1787 Major when Fusilier Battalion of Kuempel No.. 5
07.02.1789 Chief of Füsilierbataillons Holstein-Beck No.. 6
03.06.1789 Orden der bei for merit review
14.02.1793 Oberstlieutnant
1794/1795 Campaign in Poland
07.02.1795 Colonel
12.09.1797 The brigadier 1. East Prussian. Füsilierbrigade
02.10.1800 receives the annual Brigadiergehalt of 2180 Thaler
20.05.1801 Generalmajor von mit Patent 3.6.1801
03.03.1804 Celebrate the 50th anniversary service
1806/07 Campaign the corps Lestocq
11.09.1807 Roter-Adler-Orden
20.12.1807 General remains active with full pay
22.01.1808 is where 2. East Prussian. Infantry Regiment are led
05.05.1808 gets the Russian Order of St. Anne I. and the Russian Vladimir order III. of Tsar in recognition of his services in the campaign of 1807
01.08.1808 real officer of the Army
20.05.1809 Generallieutnant
12.07.1811 a military corps he can not at the state of affairs and his age are transferred.
02.04.1812 Michael v. Rembow should take up his residence in Königsberg
01.07.1813 He is with 1200 Thalers grace salary retired

At the 4.3.1772 Michael received the permission of Luise Charlotte Reibnitz in Königsberg marry (1753-1793)

The children of this marriage

  1. Ferdinand Karl *1775, Mr. Werdenberg is named as Sekondelieutnant in Infantry Regiment No.. 47 and retired as Oberstlieutnant 1819 from active duty in. He served on 12.11.1819 his oath of citizenship, which perhaps gives a clue to the date of his marriage to the Wilhelmine of elections-Jurgass. It is called with the address of Stone Dammer Str. 37 in Königsberg
  2. Karl Friedrich Franz *1777 will Ludlowien named as Colonel and Knight of Pordens pour le Mérite and the Iron Cross II.
  3. Marianne Johanna Luise *1782 married Sekondelieutnant of Eberstein of Fusilier Battalion of Rembow No.. 6

Rembow-4-2After the death of Louise Charlotte, he received the 12.10.1793 permission in Königsberg Sophia Wilhelmina Barbara Müllheim widowed from Kunheim (1739-1808) to marry. Sophia Wilhelmina was the daughter of Colonel Theophilus Gebhard Müllheim (1686-1757) and Marie Louise Eleanor of Lehwald made by Ottlau +1741. She grew up with 9 Siblings. (Genealogies see database) Her husband was the No.1 Lieutenant Otto Ludwig von Kunheim (1722-1791) both common and son of Major William of Erhard Kunheim (1772-1847) The father of Otto Ludwig was none other than the Secretary of War John Dietrich of Kunheim (1684-1752) and Marie Helene of Wallenrodt (1690-1777) Otto Ludwig also had an impressive number of 7 Siblings. This lineage goes back directly to George (1532-1611) who was married to Margaretha Luther.

About the ancestors of Michael of Rembow still are unclear, Any links and connections see here. Michael died on Rembow 24.3.1818 in Königsberg

stammtafel-rembow schreiben-rembow-1833 schreiben-rembow-1833-2


In a bid Konduite states in 1789 about Major of Rembow: “A good man by nature, but without all the cultural” Rembow was probably an old warhorse, the one of the few, in the campaign 1806/07 your head up and therefore retained by King Frederick William II. was maintained for several years on active duty. A command he could take over at the outbreak of the war of liberation because of his age no longer.


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