Eduard Meyer's home in the dynasty of artists to Gdansk

This name is to talk of a dynasty of artists. For not less than nine painters in three generations of this family include, had their home in Gdansk. A member of the family – It was the famous Paul Meyerheim – wrote in his childhood memories:

A historical research-boyfriend wants to have discovered in the annals of Gdansk, that was the ancestor of a Swedish under Gustav Adolf paymaster, Mejerjelm who called and have lived on the site is, stood at the grandfather's house in Gdansk (2. Dam)

This ancestor's name was Karl Friedrich Meyer Home, lived from 1786 to 1837 Gdansk and was a master-aged man of a house painter Danziger. At the same time that he was an artist of skill beachtenswertem, His portraits show at the City Museum. Here you can see his parents, an unsophisticated elderly couple in a domestic Costume, the mayor and the clerk Werndorf Täubert in recent years and in vorgrückten.

The oldest was from the four sons of the painter Friedrich Eduard Meyer Home, on the 7. January 1808 Born in Danzig. With his father and at the Gdansk art school director Edward Breysig learned the art of painting and two pictures from the year 1829 “Danzig seen by the Bishop of mountain” and “Danzig from the promenade on Neugarten seen from” give testimony of his former skills. For the year 1830 is a pencil drawing, Edward Meyer, the home shows. In that year 1830 Edward went on a scholarship from the West Prussian Peace Society in Berlin. About his progress there, there is evidence of the Academy Director Schadow. 1832 Edward was ten lithographed views Danzig out in an album.

With the architect Strack and Franz Kugler he joined 1833 to publish a work on architectural monuments Altmark. On study tours to Thuringia, Hesse, and he found his way to his true-hearted portrayals of the peasant and petty bourgeois life, then the first fruits of its kind in Germany and were Meyerheim quickly become a favorite of the audience made. As of Donop, his biographer in the “General German Biography” wrote “Meyer walked home as a welcome guest of the German Civil- and farm, the child with his pure soul, with the eye of the naive folk poet, the simplicity and the humor does not disdain, depicts in his paintings”.

He had a very fine sense of style; and the technology it was only a means to an end. In his righteous, sterling work goes a good part of her craft tradition of the ancestors. For the year 1834 is its “Cone Company” and a lithographic self-portrait, from the year 1836 be “Shooting”. This year, married Edward Meyer home with Caroline Drake, the sister of the famous sculptor. From that time he is also the portrait of him performing Franz Kruger. There's lots of pictures of the “Meyerheim album of poems by Maurice Meyer” a good idea. The city museum was in addition to the above views Danzig still a small number of landscape paintings and pictures “Paul Meyer home as a child”, “The little soldier” and “The eavesdropper”.

How much he appreciated his time, prove that he conferred orders and Madaillen. 1855 He was a professor and later was a member of the Academy in Berlin, Dresden and Munich. From his youth he had loved and practiced music, which he emphasized in his autobiography worth reading. In advanced age he was seized by a severe nervous disorder, the seven years he was paralyzed in body and spirit. Once again it was granted to him in his beloved city of Gdansk to bore. Then joined Edward Meyer at home 18. January 1879 Berlin's eyes forever. His best memorial is his son from home painted Portrait of Paul Meyer (1877) which represents him seated at the easel.

The older son was home Franzmeyer 1838 Born in Berlin. He studied with his father and was also a respected genre painter and teacher at the Berlin Academy, of which he, however, already 1878 resigned due to illness. In 1880 Franz Meyer's home died in Marburg.

Far renowned was the younger son of Edward, namely Paul Meyerheim the 1842 Born in Berlin. After he had placed at the Berlin Academy's artistic foundation, He further studied in the Netherlands, Belgium and Paris, until he took up residence in Berlin. Since 1867 Paul Meyer was home with Clara Lehfeldt married childless marriage. He made numerous trips to Italy, Spain, Africa, Scandinavia, Denmark and England. Worked tirelessly genre he created- and especially animal pictures, painted portraits and still lifes. As the father and brother, Paul was also musical, playing cello. Tributes to him there was no; It might have pleased him particularly, when two young lions under the guidance of the Director of the Berlin Zoological Garden he, the animal painter, to 70. Birthday personally congratulated. The two catalogs for art auction “Paul Meyer estate home” (1915 was the artist died) show, that his home was set up royally.

There are still three younger brothers of Eduard Meyer mention home. William Meyer Home, of the 1815 to 1882 lived and distinguished himself particularly as a painter of horses. His son, also named Paul Meyer Home, But as a painter was not especially effective.

Another brother was Gustav Meyer Home, who lived in Danzig and here 1891 its 50th anniversary as a celebrated painter. His son was Robert Meyer Home, the 1865 is known as a fellow of the Peace Association. He studied in Karlsruhe and Düsseldorf. For the years 1864 and 1865 The following pictures are mentioned: “Pine Forest”, “Beach at Brosen”, “The nuns' church in Danzig”. But the catalog of the great Berlin Art Exhibition 1895 his name was listed.

The third brother named Herman excelled in Berlin as an architectural painter. These were the Meyer home, Support of famous and less known, but respected name.


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