Hotel Sauvage and Eugene Liesegang

Obituary in the local newspaper “The Oberhasler” from 15. November 1949

Our revered sides Eugene Liesegang is no longer with us. Since last year were suffering, which is increasingly reinforced and now on the last Wednesday its content-rich life began at the end. Eugene Liesegang was not only in his friend- and spheres of influence, nicht nur im Oberhasli - no, across the boundaries of a known personality, the old and young full consideration had for. For the population of the Oberhasli he was a figure, would fit into the picture and generally will be missed.

Born 9. August 1875 in Dusseldorf, where his parents owned a world-famous factory for optical apparatus, The boy and his siblings grew up in a happy youth. His great-grandfather was Johann Christian Andreas Liesegang from Berlin, see whose craft letter. One of his brothers was the famous scientist Raphael Liesegang. The school outgrew, he left the family home for further training, initially in Bonn, between himself sojourning in England. In 1896 the deceased came to Bern, obzuliegen one year studies. There closed friendships lasted a lifetime.

A sign of rare loyalty and devotion. Hiking through the Swiss country led him 1897 Also in the Oberhasli, The exceptionally well-liked him and then the decision matured, here to take permanent residence. In the same year, as a 22-year-old young man Initiatives, was to the young Walter Günther by brothers Boss in Grindelwald Fri. 475000.- The hotel was purchased Sauvagebesitzung.

As it was to be expected, The hotel was out exemplary. With great fondness searched the English, including, inter alia. Papa Horsley with his famous beard and large hat with its subsidiaries, the hotel Sauvage on. Here, too, was a lasting friendship closed, which was passed on to the son Horsley, the regular and even last summer, the deceased was visiting.

In the spring of 1899 Gone are the home married to the young energetic widow Perrot. The young couple took over, after the share Sauvage estate passed to Walter Günther, on lease from the former operation of the vast landscape Grimselbesitzung. The tenancy lasted three years, and go to the name “Spittler” in history. 1902 namely, was the acquisition of commercially available Grimsel- and by the Handeckbesitzung Oberhasligemeinden, formed the landscape. The couple continues to operate in an exemplary manner with the principle, Only the best is good enough for the guests.

The locals, the guides, as well as the many coachmen against always been a generous hospitality practiced. In the year 1947 received the deceased away from the visit of a former now 81 year coachman, Guests included former, it was after decades greetings and visits given. 1909 was a turning point for him time. This year, sales went through the Grimsel and Handeckbesitzung over the Bernese power plants. Well neither the seller nor the buyer saw the gigantic advance today some existing and some of which are still under construction and the economy much significant power stations.

The sale of that property, the permanent settlement followed in Meiringen. From that point on, the old owner devoted to the last days of his earthly life in an excellent manner with community issues. While full 27 Years we see him projecting the tourist office as President. Under his initiative came the Haslimuseum, were the church excavation permits, in Engelhorn territory a ibex colony established, while we do not want to forget and so the implementation of the Grimsel exhibition.

hotelsauvageFor more than 30 Years he served as president of the Foundation Gotthelf, whose prosperity he was always very dear to. About 32 Years he had held the leader as president of Amtsersparniskasse.

Participating in the building committee for the new hospital, from 1921 up to and including 1935 a member of management and managers and of 1941 to this day as the bookkeeper. Despite his serious illness, accounting is the day, as it was characteristic of him, reliable,unanimously, grudge with precise penmanship. 1924 him the Aare AG elected in their management, whose presidency he 1930 has been transferred and accepted as, each with acclamation.

His wealth of knowledge and broad experience in the transport sector, he turned fully in the company's interest. Even the tram pulled him into the county administration and its proposal was the issue of a combined tickets, comprising the tram, the Aare river and the rich case Railway decided.

Without regard to his illness, he entrusted his exact nature of the obligations assumed by in his last days. But could not forget his work and the perseverance of the Oberhasliweberei, with him his wife actively supported. Not only were the materials processed in the usual picture of the weavers, no, in the style appropriate to his drawing talent, new designs, the sales of the Haslistoffe gave new impetus.

The small pavilion on his property still bears witness of his once operated beekeeping. As a practitioner and also as a scientist him the life of bees very interested. For many years he led the club to honey bee control.

During the First World War (1916) was the wife of the deceased in the civil rights of Meiringen recorded. The instrument is held in artistic style, was run by the late Andreas Brügger litographer. In 1947 him the municipality Meiringen appointed in view of his outstanding contribution to the community as an honorary citizen. (Another document in artistic style from the great-grandfather Johann Christian Andreas Liesegang to Berlin, Instead at this point)

Painful and difficult times were not even spared the departed. In 1943 he lost his prudent wife, the loss of which he was constantly near. The First World War brought financial losses, but never came across his lips complaints, so also not in his sick days. Eugene Liesegang was a gentleman from top to toe.

Sensitive, kind, faithful, highly respectable in mind, classy to third parties, also apply to those, who do not, or not always against him were. Everywhere, where he worked as President or Member, He enjoyed a great reputation.

Purposeful, superior and thoughtful initiative, fine artistic talent like his distinguished style in publications, Publications etc. were values ​​that were only just his alone. In society was the deceased a happy disposition.

How often have the audience captivated with his stories and experiences from the Grimsel time. Probably no Hasler knew the history of the Oberhasli so good. How many times in all the years they were looking at him for information on on historical and historical events from the Oberhasli. Without exception, the data provided to be made.

His walkouts over Haslifamilien, Collections of Hasli Coat of Arms etc. have him relieved the information to be released. Intercourse with him was a spiritual profit. The name Liesegang will continue to persist in thinking in the Oberhasli and anchored to the story. Eugene Liesegang rest gently!


Honorary citizen of Meiringen, William Eugene Liesegang Perrot, give. 1875, gest. 1949 Coming from Düsseldorf in 1896. Co-owner of the “Hotels in the Wild” of 1899- 1902

1902 – 1909 Acquisition Grimsel Handegg and management of establishments to sell to BKW 1909. 27 Years as president of the tourist office, 30 Years President Gotthelf Foundation. Member and President and Board Aareschlucht AG, His presidential term savings fund Oberhasli, 1916 Citizens of Meiringen, Fr. 300.- be made to the relief fund of the civic community Meiringen.

Honorary citizen: 27. December 1947, Eugene Liesegang has been appointed as the second of today five freemen. Marriage in the spring 1899 mit Witwe Perrot, Daughter of the former host Grimsel Nägeli. The marriage remained childless. Meiringen is the so-called “Liesegang house” which is classified according Bauinventar be of particular value.

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