Collection of Johann Christoph Liefländischer monuments Brotze

Johann Christoph Brotze * 1. September 1742 in Görlitz; † 4. August 1823 Riga was a German educator and ethnographer. Brotze studied theology and philosophy at the Universities of Leipzig and Wittenberg. 1768 He went to Riga and spent 46 Years as a teacher at the local Imperial Lyceum. During this time he collected historical data, with drawings and paintings which he knew and described in detail.

His work has become a valuable resource for historians. The "Collection of various monuments Liefländischer" is a unique document, with records of building, Digger, Siegel, Coat of arms, Genealogies, that exist today, not as.

This collection contains 10 Volumes bound in leather (3246 Pages, the page format 33 x 21 cm). Most of the pictures are originals, but there are plans and drawings, The artists come from other. A good part of the original images are color drawings made in ink with a pen. Are colored drawings either as watercolors or pen and ink drawings with water colors muted.

Unfortunately, some of the colors in these drawings 18. and 19. Century, something suffered and faded. Another shortcoming of this impressive Online collection is the insufficient resolution. The “small texts” is very difficult to decipher and detract from the joy.

In Brotzes drawings and descriptions, there are arms of the Baltic nobility, Siegel, Coins, Stamps and monuments of the Archbishops, Bishops, Cities, Places, Churches and inscriptions on grave stones, Buildings, Bell, Chalices and other things, Castles, Towns and settlements and public buildings, Homes, Churches as well as topographic maps of different places, the inhabitants of cities and landscapes, their clothes and work, and various technical equipment.


Warrior, Johann Friedrich von; Napiersky, Charles Edward: General Writer- and scholar-Lexicon of the provinces of Livonia, Esthonia and Courland. Band:1, A-F, Mitau 1827, s. 277-283

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