Field Marshal Leonhard Graf von Blumenthal

The sex appears at first 17. June 1241 with Knight and the Margrave of Brandenburg Council of Nicholas de Blumendal documented on. The series begins with safe tribe Rutger von Blumenthal, documentary 1305-1318, closed sat on Horst, Priegnitz.

The Field Marshal was on 30. July 1810 Born in Schwedt on the Oder River and Pomeranian comes from an old aristocratic family, the different times to four and was raised in four different lines in the title of count: In 1701 by the Emperor Leopold I., 1733 by the Emperor Charles VI., 1786 by King Frederick II. of Prussia and 1840 by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. (The latter line to the right of primogeniture)

Blumenthal trat 1827 as an officer in the army and was appointed captain in the 1. January 1849 commands to the General Staff. After he had done in the three wars Excellent, He was on 23. March 1873 the Commanding General and appointed in 1883 in the hereditary title of Count raised. Frederick appointed at the General 12. March 1888 General Field Marshal. Leonhard Graf von Blumenthal died in the night 22. December 1900 on his estate at Quellendorf Köthen.

Coat of arms of Count von Blumenthal:

The family arms show in black and gold shield split a side branch with green leaves and blue grapes. On the winning helmet is located between an open, scharz golden-flight, a growing, scharz and split virgin gold in her right hand holding up a green wreath. The head of the Virgin is crowned with green leaves. The helmet covers are black on the outside and inside gold. And for supporters are two naked, garlanded with oak leaves and wild men girded, armed with a mace. Die Currency lautet: “Faithful to water and land”. The coat of arms contains, besides the two smaller arms Count, in the upper spandrels of the frame-mounted arms, referring to the birth and the home of Count von Blumenthal reference. On the left is the emblem of the province of Brandenburg and right arms of the city of Schwedt. The genealogy of the family von Blumenthal was developed by Dirk Peters thoroughly and is available on its website (See Comment)


Weller Publishing, Kahla in Thüringen: The coat of arms collector, 1. Year 1900-1901, Page 85

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