CVs of funeral sermons

koenigsberger-leichenpredigtenCVs of funeral sermons give some valuable insight into the former lives of the different classes, especially in cultural terms. For artisans and merchants, they tell us, how and where they obtained their training, began teaching at what age.

These CVs are also a clear mirror for the purchase of Wanderlust- and journeymen, and the academic youth.

Despite extremely difficult market conditions, they crossed the kingdom, and often the whole of Europe. Some have found far from the family home, a new home.

Also on the trade relations, we obtain by funeral sermons worth knowing details. In the CVs of academic people, we find such information on school attendance, Stay at the various universities and their professors.

We often learn all occurring surname of the deceased and his relatives, and the names of persons, with whom the deceased during his life came in contact. Notably, they were printed for nobles and citizens well habene, they had the money to finance magnificent portraits of the deceased.

Publications for download

Directory of resumes from the time of 1579-1724 from 507 Koenigsberg funeral sermons Communications from the Centre for German people- and family history, Issue 34, Leipzig 1927 Kurt Tiesler

Neumärkische funeral sermons in writings of the Association for the History of Neumark, issued on behalf of the Association of Professor Dr. Paul Schwartz, Heft XIX, Landsberg 1906 (pedigrees with multiple)

Online Search

Let me start with the merciless Reports of funeral sermons and personal writings for genealogical and historical and cultural purposes, Master of Business Administration from Fritz Roth in Boppard on the Rhine.

His 10 Volumes were published in monthly deliveries from 1959. The name index is in the complete catalog of German Funeral Sermons (GESA) be viewed. This work is essential to the primary Source Research and is an extremely valuable biographical collection - historical and genealogical. The detailed summary Name Registry here as DjVu Download I also enjoy here and there for information, it will not take long for the endless story. In GESA There are other new features: 7.020 Records, the funeral sermons and other writings in mourning the Berlin State Library show, were now a new addition in GESA. Of which are currently 4.060 as digitized by the library made available online. Therefore, the Advanced search was supplemented in GESA is an option for the targeted search of online digitized. After entering at least one letter in the first and / or second field of the search form and select the check box “Digitised” records are identified, the digitized funeral sermons prove. Using the link “For digitized” In the detail view gives direct access to the images of the funeral sermon.

The Herzog August Library (HAB) Wolfenbüttel also allows the search with a Online-Register in the portfolio of 9494 Funeral sermons from the 16. to 18. Century.

The next on-line directory of the Landesbiblithek MV (Special Collections) and lists at least in the short form of names and dates of deceased.

Families- and funeral sermons of the Württembergische Landesbibliothek in Stuttgart. So far, 25942 Personal archives, sorted by first letter.

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