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The edition "Courland freight documents" the research developed a central source of information for the Livonian history of the late Middle Ages and the Reformation, to the particular economic, socially- opened and population issues new historical insights. The data relating to rural land in the area of ​​the later Duchy of Courland "Freight documents" - primarily feudal, Purchase- and deposit certificates, Documents about Eheberedungen, Border inspections, litigation, Pension activities u.a.m. - are in the publication of the Liv-, Is- Courland and document book recessed remained, so that with their publishing a hitherto largely unknown source fundus is submitted. The time frame of this edition extends from the year of the first surviving records (1230) until the end of the Livonian independence in 1561.

Starting point of the processing of the Marga- and Kurt-Möllgaard Foundation, Frankfurt am Main, financially sponsored Edition project, the – with interruptions – vom April 1998 until the end of March 2003 is carried out, was a toy in the collection of documents of the Institute manuscript of the German Baltic historian Albert Bauer, who had gathered in the 1930s and 1950s, a relevant source material in various archives (overall 522 Certificate numbers, thereof 381 Pieces with Text). These documents were collated as part of the project using the originals or photos and edited Deed critical; moreover, were in archives in Berlin, Riga, Stockholm, Marburg and Copenhagen detected numerous other pieces and incorporated in the document corpus, so that the edition now on 1.100 relevant documents including.


Herder Institut Marburg in cooperation with Klaus Neitmann (Baltic Historic commission Potsdam) edited by Daphne Schadewaldt


Courland goods Chronicles documentary sources to


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