Spa guests in 19. Century in wellness and gambling in Bad Ems

Ems has been known about since the Reformation with its springs and spas. However, probably the Romans, you know, the great lover of warm baths were, Emser spas have known and used as the first. The oldest finds are attributed Germanic origin of the prehistoric time. At that time lived in the area between the Rhine, Main and Lahn the people of Ubii, with the Caesar maintained a friendly relationship. Ems were in itself 2 Castles, whose formation is probably due to the end of the first century. By the end of the fourth century to the Romans remained Ems. Then, as Stilicho 406 the troops moved away from the Rhine, to use them in Italy against Gothic incursions, Roman power was broken in Gaul and on the Rhine and the traditional Germanic peoples sat back there permanently. In the 10. Century bildetesich in Ems already a small independent special rule, which was located on Emsbach and their owners called Omincus. of that name is the name probably derived Ems, but it could also have been derived from the Greek Embasis.

It still remains an event of world-historical significance to mention, has announced the name of the Ems and made famous. In July of the year 1870 EMS should be the starting point of the great events, should be for France so disastrous in its consequences and bestowed a strong united German state. King William had in summer 1870 Ems visited his beloved to his recovery. France, the long sought for a suitable opportunity, strike against him in his cumbersome Weltmachtpolitik Prussia, felt by the fact, that Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern had assumed the Spanish throne candidacy, in its interests threatened, and sent his ambassador at the Prussian court, the Grafen Benedetti, at the 9. July to Ems, by the king to take in respect to this matter and consult to get him, to move the Prince of Hohenzollern, withdraw his candidacy. The release of the Ems Dispatch led to the outbreak of the Franco-German war 1870 and 1871 at, led to the founding of the German Empire. Furthermore, it was in Bad Ems in 1876 by Tsar Alexander II. in the house "four towers" of the Ems decree signed. The decree provided the use of the Ukrainian language is punishable. By the end of the 20. Century remembered at a memorial site said the historic event.

In the 17. and 18. Ems century was one of the most famous seaside resorts in Germany. He was at that time under the common rule of Orange-Nassau and Hesse-Darmstadt. In the house at the time Electorate of Mainz Mainz left side Lahn (Spit-Ems) met 1786 Emser the spiritual electors and Congress adopted the Emser Punktation. Since 1806 Ems was a part of the Duchy of Nassau. 1822 Bad location and were combined into a community. The Duchy of Nassau was 1866 of Prussia annexed and Ems shortly after the city raised. Since 1913 is the official name of the city of Bad Ems. The city experienced its heyday in the 19. Century as "world spa" and the summer residence of many European monarchs and artists, Kaiser Wilhelm I, among other, Nikolaus you I die. and Alexander II. of Russia, Richard Wagner, Dostoevsky, etc.. The Bad Ems is the oldest in Germany. Since 1720 guests use the spa, the spa also help, to indulge in gambling.


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