Kunigunde Louise von Randow marries her uncle

The oldest and only surviving daughter, Kunigunde Louise * Bogschütz 18. July 1754 married first at 22. November 1773 Bogschütz to the brother of her mother, Captain of the castle and court marshal in Schwedt, Ludwig v. Cuno. Wilmer Dorff.

He was on 18. March 1720 Born and thus 34 Years older than she. How many nobles of the time he was – von Ende May 1732 until after September 1736 – Pupil of the Knights Academy in Brandenburg was. After he had studied three years in Halle. At the 10. December 1740 He was a lieutenant in the infantry regiment of Riedesel (No.. 41) but took on 20. March 1749 resigned for health reasons, Bathing made trips to Holland and France and was 1766 Marshal the Marquis of Schwedt, Friedrich Wilhelm on the Oder and later with his successor Henry. From his father he had inherited the estate and also owned Buschow Langmeil. As the owner of Buschow he was the deputy district Havelländische. Gwendolyn had two children with him, but both died young.

After the death of her husband – He died at Schwedt on the Oder on 26. April 1782 – Gwendolyn married on 14. June 1782 on the 27. March 1752 Royal Prussian-born captain of a. D. Friedrich August von Sydow.

Sydow – former lieutenant in the Dragoons Regiment No.1 Lottum – settled by its adoption as a captain 1784 also reflected in Schwedt. He had the goods and Woltersdorf Schönow. The latter had ceded to him his brother. In 1790 He also bought and Rhenitz Glasow in the Neumark. With her second husband had Kunigunde between 1784 and 1795 five sons and three daughters.


The castle is a single-story stucco building in neo-Gothic approximately rectangular floor plan and was to 1830/40 built. The Castle was formerly owned by the family von Sydow. Later it was used for residential purposes and as a community center. The castle is fully listed. Castle is the most beautiful romantic Schönow good of the family von Sydow, the church bells are some bearing the names of those immortalized by Sydow. Albert Guido bought 1831 Schönow of his brother Colmar, by his heirs the estate was 1864 resold.

The oldest, Colmar – Professional officers to 1820 – married a Huguenot in Berlin and continued the line, in the male line only 1944 extinct, fell as the last in Italy. The second son, Ludmillus, never married, the third, Albert Guido *28.9.1795 was married to Wilhelmine Rambow and indeed had four sons, but these all died unmarried. (About the origin of the Wilhelmine Rambow previously could not be determined) One of the daughters, Sabine – married on 22. February 1811 the Tombs Eduard v. Hoe, a further, Veronica, a Karl v. Schoening.


Also, her second husband should survive Kunigunde. She died at the Schönow 14. April 1799 evening at 11 Clock. (To 1945 Schönow was part of the Prussian province of Pomerania) A year earlier – in Woltersdorf on 24. March 1798 – was Friedrich August von Sydow preceded her.


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