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The noble-Kunheim Kuenheim


Sex is mentioned in documents in 1263 first time with the Knights of Kunz Kuenheim. He was already the name of the headquarters of the family, Kienheim, a village near Strasbourg. The family was descended related to the already 1120 ritterbürtig appearing gender of Berstett. Both came from the same area and also conducted the same coat of arms.

The main line of Kuenheim went out as early as in Alsace 1500. A since 15. Century in Prussia-based line could be continued with a road up to the present. It originally consisted of three branches having entails Judith, Spanden and tunnels. Another line came from East Prussia to Silesia, but died in 17. Century again. Even by the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III. 1798 extinguished at three Kuenheimer conferred the title of count in the male line soon.

How do we know, went to Daniel of Kunheim (*um1430) East Prussia, after he had heard of the Teutonic Knights and the brothers, which the ancient pagans fought against this country for many years and there had been in possession. He offered them his services. But 1454 Conradt under Grand Master of Erlich Hausen an entire landscape or 55 Cities and towns to the order recited their homage and King Casimir IV. accepted as a patron of Poland, was a great change, since the order all cities except Conitz, Were taken away and Stum Marienburg.

It should be noted only on a few key figures that are historically relevant: The Order of the lost 60.000 People, but overall were 264.598 Their lives. For his valiant service of Daniel Mühlhausen was promised, besides the church and mill, confirmed anno 1463 by Heinrich Reuss von Plauen, Grand Master of the governor on Morungen. Reaffirmed 1472 by Grand Master Heinrich von Richter Mountain. 1493 Daniel traveled to Rome and received from Kunheim of Pope Innocent VIII. a drain for the Church of Mulhouse. He was in special favor with the 33. Grand Master, Duke Frederick of Saxony, of him as a county judge in Bartensteinischen began with the estate and other Knauthen enfeoffed. Are documented from his marriage to Dorothea of ​​Elditten 7 Children known, including George (+28.9.1543)

George of Kunheim is written as a particularly kind and full of helpfulness. He cared for his subjects, especially if they were old and unable. 1542 he continued 200 Mark out, which his heirs either in church or on deposit with Mühlhausen 10 Mark should pay interest in. (Those: LPr Roth 1509 and 3001) The Marquis took him to many important things and embassies. He was 1523, as the king of Poland against Margrave Albrecht led war and the four-year grace (Truce) should be decided, been sent along with four other respectable persons to Thorn. 1522 convened a meeting in Hungary to Bratislava, to make between the King of Poland and the Teutonic peace. For this he was sent at the request of the Grand Master.

1525 was this action as an eternal peace agreement finally put into effect, by Margrave Albrecht paid homage to the king and was named the first Prince of Prussia. 1540 George was among the wedding guests of Kanitz chef. 1541 One half of the village of Langendorf prescribed in Schippenbeil, with him the Duke Albrecht d. Elder 1522 had loaned out special graces. The city bought from the heirs at Kunheim'schen 2.12.1614 this village for half 6100 Mark.


Son * Georg Wilhelm von Kunheim, Mr. Muehlhausen to Knauthen and is still unforgotten, because he was with Margaret, the daughter of Martin Luther had married (1534-1570) A picture of it once belonged to the rich interior of Juditten, as a gold-plated silver ring of the Reformer 1525. George was a peaceful, very creative and very social and worried man. All works of Luther, among other theological works, he has bequeathed to the church Mühlhausen.

He helped the needy, then z. B. an old schoolmaster, the 20 Years was due to illness without service. When he 5 Years old, his mother died (1537) and when he 11 was, The father died (1543) Duke Albrecht took care of him as a friend and curator. He went to school in Königsberg (academic Pädagogium) 1500 matriculated at Wittenberg, where he taught at Duke Albrecht Philip Melanchthon was recommended. 1552 The plague was raging and so George decided for the University in Frankfurt an der Oder.


His first marriage was 1555 in the presence of many earls and lords, especially to Christoph Graf Barby and instead Mühlingen. His second wife was to 1570 Dorothea of ​​Oelsnitz (lt. LPr. of Elßnitz) In a certain George will, buried between his two wives to be in it and asks his children to the resistance in religion. 8 Years before his death he suffered a stroke. He died aged 79 on the evening of 18.10.1611.

The genealogies of the family Kunheim, Luther, Müllheim and finds the connection to the database in their Rembow.

In Judith is still a fairly well-preserved country estate. The reason was good for the local time of the order Family of Lesgewang, the origin is pruzzischen. 1711 acquired the widow Mary Elizabeth Kunheim of the estate for their fifth son, Otto Wilhelm, and here the family lived v. Kuenheim, in the 15. Jh. had immigrated from Alsace to Prussia, to 1945.

If we in the presence of the family of Kuenheim (Kunheim) talk, one name: Eberhard von Kuenheim (*2. October 1928 Juditten in a German manager and was 1970 to 1993 Chairman of the Board BMW AG. The Reuters and Stern say about him, He made big BMW.


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