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The great Prussian royal coat of arms

It is not uninteresting to trace, What changes, the Royal Prussian coat of arms has been subjected. In the Stillfried 1875 out a given work we find a compilation of all arms since Frederick I.

Under Frederick William III. appeared in 1817 A new coat of arms vervollständigtes.

The same is stayed until 1864 unchanged, it was by a Cabinet Order of His Majesty the 11. August 1873 a change in the coat of arms arranged.

So from the coats of arms were a, which Lauenburg, Buetow, Haigerloch and Werstein included and only 1864 was recorded, latter three gentlemen from. New additions are as coats of arms in the royal coat of arms outside the county of Glatz, which in the arms of 1864 missing, but 1817 had her sign: Lüneburg, Holstein, Schleswig, Bremen, Hesse, Ost-Friesland, Osnabrück, Hildesheim, World, Fulda, Nassau, and Frankfurt am Main.


Maruschke & Berendt, Breslau 1877 (Download)


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