Church records from the church records of the district in Pomerania Cammin

The above publication was issued by the State Minister Ernst Matthias von Köller (1841-1928) It also comes from the “Certificate Book of the Pomeranian sex von Köller 1280-1900 and the genealogy of the family of Hindenburg”.

Who can provide further information on the following excerpt from Church: Daniel von Hoff called Rambow?


Köller, Ernst Matthias von: Church records from the parish registers of the circle Cammin in Pomerania and some neighboring parishes until 1888

The Pomeranian church records online!

The LDS Church has placed on its website the National Archives in Greifswald Pomerania microfilmed church records online. The digitized books are below Home page found.

Contents of the offices or districts:

Anklam, Arnswalde, Bublitz, On the way, Demmin, Dramburg, Greifenberg, Greifenhagen, Greifswald, Grimsby, Koszalin, Naugard, Neustettin, Pyritz, Randow, Rega, Rain forest, Reprimand, Saatzig, Schlawe, Soldin, Stralsund, Ueckermünde, Usedom-Wollin, Wolgast (Circle)

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