Kehmstedt in the district of Nordhausen


Several men were involved in the ownership of land and interest in the village Kehmstedt. The first written mention is dated from the year 1093. After Leuckfeld it was the Count of Nordheim in 11. Century, that some of it ceded to the monastery Bursfelde, Count Heinrich von >Kercberch< transferred 1295 the property of 3 Hooves in >Kemstede< an Walkenried (W.U.561)

The cross pin and the convent on the women's mountain at Nordhausen and related interest of Kehmstedt 1527 The monastery Ilfeld. Were in the area on a hill Alterode and northwest Böhlingen, so hatte 1334 the Nordhäuser St. Crucisstift possession in >deserta Bulingen< Those: Tenth book of the cathedral

kehmstedt-kirche-innenraumThe parish register records in Kehmstedt start 1620, I could browse awesome in this book. The church itself was in 17. Century built, a former entrance was located in the south wall of the nave, where its pointed arches formed in walls, in which the year 1619 stand, were still visible. The tower is the oldest part of the church.




epitaph-reinmann-kopfOn the western wall of the vessel is crafted from gypsum stone grave of the priest Reinmann placed, shows almost the same life-sized statue of the deceased, which in the left arm, the Bible, in his right hand holding a bunch of violets. The image on the left shows only an excerpt.


gedenken-reinmannThere is tragic about the native report from Niedergebra-come the father of Catharina Reinmann. Albertus was cruelly Reinmann in Kehmstedt murdered out of pure vindictiveness on the field by a Melchior Glasener. (Son and grandson of Albert the kingdom were Munzer and Stadtsyndicus in Saalfeld)

Basil Liesegang

epitaph-liesegangBasil is described as a loyal hardworking pastor, of his father 1658 was sent to Leipzig to study theology.

He was succeeded by Johann Andreas Reinmann, 1693 dismissed from office. Er heiratete Dorothea Catharina Johanna Kepler,kb-eintrag-kehmstedt Daughter of Johann Kepler and Catharina Reinmann on 7. April 1668 in Kehmstedt.

Dorothea was 1649 Born in Kehmstedt. Note in KB Kehmstedt: 26.6.1667 Frau Catharina Kepler, Pfarrer Johannes Kepler (-been pastor of the local village) posthumous widow, within 3/4 Year followed her husband and buried.

From this marital union with love and great respect (described in the epitaph) come 3 Sons and 2 Daughters. (Those: Entries in the parish register to Kehmstedt)

copulation-basiliusHis son, John Thomas was a deacon in Lütjenburg and kinship closely with Johann Friedrich Liesegang +1746 oo Marie Schroeder (Konsistorial-Kanzlist) Their son, Christopher Philip *1722 was superintendent in Ebstorf.

kb-eintrag-basiliusThomas heiratete 1709 Sophia Agnesia Bützow (Bützau) *1675 in Lütjenburg and daughter Lucia Dorothea married Johann Gottlieb Lesser. (Genealogies see database) On the occasion of the marriage with Johann Gottlieb Lucia LIESEGANG released his brother Friedrich Christian Lesser in Nordhausen, a font, which is also the first printed family history is LESSER:

>Genealogical news of the blessed Leßerischen race which bey fortunate Leßerischen- Liesegangischen marriage and so the connection 11. November 1729 was completed in Hollstein happy to Preetz, Nordhausen (Coeler) 1729″<

From Kehmstedt also comes on 11. April 1729 born theologian, Poet and historian Christopher Schmaling Gottlieb. 1755 Schmaling was a deacon at the St. St. John's Church to invoke Ellrich. From September 1788 to February 1791 Schmaling gave out the Hohnsteinsche Magazine, that was printed in Halberstadt and its sales took over the Royal Prussian post office Ellrich. It appeared in 34 Follow a collection of mixed messages to Honsteinschen history..


Gedenktafeln der Gefallenen des Dorfes Kehmstedt

opfer-wille heldentod-1914-1918 heldentod-2-weltkrieg


Mein besonderer Dank gehört Frau Irene Junker aus Kehmstedt für die großartige Unterstützung

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