Kefer Steiner worm juice produced against whooping cough in Ilfeld

keferstein-schneckensaftOn my last visit to Ilfeld I photographed the older graves, among other things, the family Keferstein. As such then so sat together, My Aunt Edith told me a little of the historical background of this family.

(Without going into details now on the genealogical, which are the Family Association read with arms, Great pictures and pedigree)

The generations Keferstein Ilfeld

Georg Christoph Keferstein from Kröllwitz (1723-1802) bought by 1762 the Ilfelder Stolberg and paper mills. He was succeeded by son Christian Ernst (1757-1812) from the 1780 Was the sole owner. Christian had particularly serious since 1806 to contend with the inclemency of the times. He hid after the Battle of Jena, the brave squire of flag-Chappuis many days before the pursuing French and gave him civilian clothes, so that was the squire of Magdeburg to get a count of Silesia idols and continue to fight. (According to a diary in the possession of his grandson, the Privy Council v. Chappuis, Berlin)

In the next generation, Friedrich Wilhelm (1785-1857) from 1812 The company (described as the most honorable and world-traveled man) Since 1853 was his son, August, Ernst Ludwig Keferstein (1823-1903 Owner of the paper mill. His wife was Antonie Reichenbach (1835-1882) and was the daughter of the businessman and owner of the “Big House” in Nordhausen.

The production was 1862 as, 24000 Hundredweight of straw paper and pack- 1883 justify the workers 4800 Hundredweight of paper out of rags and straw. This paper dynasty ended in 1935, when George Keferstein (*1855) Went bankrupt and therefore voluntarily retired from the life. He was the head 1895 by his father, August, Ernst Ludwig (*1823) taken, on the 13.7.1903 died in Ilfeld.

The inventors of the worm juice

keferstein-romanIn the Garden Street 23 lived since 1935 The two unmarried sisters Marie (*4.4.1859) und Ceres (*31.7.1874) Daughters of August Ernst Ludwig (s. above) and they had 10 other siblings, including the above George and Antonia (*5.11.1864) My Aunt (then a little girl) Kefer stone and knew and understood very well. The two were very fond of children and presented them with colorful little pictures. These two young ladies were, according to my aunt, the inventor of the world famous worm juice.

First, the new residential house produced in small quantities for use Ilfelder, later, the snail juice was against the infamous whooping packed in wooden boxes, each with 12 Medizinfläschen to travel by train. In drug list known as the “Klimacol-cough” (No.. Dt. Danz 03677-61840) At 1945 presented the two sisters (presumably for reasons of age) producing one.

The worm juice is still a great healing effect on stubborn obstructions of the throat and bronchi certifies. Worm Juice provides a mucus liquefaction and facilitates expectoration.

To make this juice the children brought buckets of the required slugs (Roßschnecken) and received it as a small wage 25 Pfg. for one pound. The snails were then washed and still living in a large vat and were downright eingezuckert. It sat at the bottom of the tub, a Sud, with various ingredients such as herbs (Thyme, Hibiscus, Plantain?) was boiled, followed by the addition of some alcohol. The final mixture had a consistency like syrup, then. On the composition, unfortunately, no one knows more about it, for the formulation, the two brothers took to the grave.

Marie, the former teacher was also an industrious writer, a little gem titled “A knit evening” from the year 1906. Published Self-published by the printing office in Berlin-Tempelhof Carl Schmülling. The story takes place in Ilfeld and is about the legend of the goose beak transferred to the present. The Ilfeldern the family will never be forgotten and also to the worm juice can still remember every.

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