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Kammerrat Kaspar von Nostitz (1500-1588)

Kaspar von Nostitz came from an old noble family in Silesia and Upper Lusatia, and was the son of Kaspar von Nostitz and Wohlau of Rauschendorf on his father's ancestral home in the principality Lampersdorf (Circle Steinau) born.

His year of birth was after the express indication of Leichenintimation of the Academic Senate and according to the calculations of his epitaph year 1500. His education, the young Nostitz after that academic writing in the famous Silesian School graduated to Goldberg and then the universities of Krakow, Vienna and attended Wittenberg. Here, the main emphasis of his training was the law. Since there were several brothers and Kaspar may not be the oldest among them was, he had to offer his services to the gentlemen. Prussia after he came in 1534.

First, he had four years held the post of house Vogts at the castle of Königsberg and in this position, the castle itself and everything was part of it under his supervision. Since 1538 He was then at the ducal Rentkammer. Whether Nostitz in the service of Duke Albrecht felt so comfortable, that he decided to make Prussia his second home, or whether he used only the opportunity here to settle down, one clutch awareness was soon.

To the Frankish nobles, that had once accompanied the young Grand Master Albert of Brandenburg to Prussia or had followed him, also had the 1484 Born in Ansbach husband Christopher of Mayrhofen (Katte Höfer) belongs, the soon to be secretary to the chamber and then ascended masters. Albrecht of Brandenburg married his secretary and gave him the good Radnicken (24 Hooves) located north of the village of Old Ratstenburg-Rosenthal (60 Hooves) Mayrhofen husband took in late summer 1521 Barbara was born to the wife of Radeheim. The Hessian of Radeheim were a noble family, But were his father and grandfather (both named Gerhard) Konigsberg been mayor.

Since the chamber master yet another possession acquired, he transferred 1531 managing Norkitten his brother Hans to ten years. 1537 he himself died, leaving behind the only son Albrecht and several daughters. Barbara ging 1539 the third marriage with the Kammerrat Kaspar von Nostitz. That bequeathed estates of the Chamber Master husband Mayrhofen as obeyed the only son is no more debatable. Five of the daughters should be the legacy of each 1000 Mark will be paid and the mother was in a comparison of this sum. Nevertheless, he gave another argument, Nostitz rose because more claims for his wife.

Nostitz himself seems to have features of your home is not just about great resources. The paternal family estate in Silesia had fallen to him, after it until his brother 1570 had possessed, even when Kaspar was invested so. The first available in the files of insurance of the Duke for his advice, through a loan from the 382 Mark was, is on Easter day 19. April 1541 exposed. At the 10. February the Duke gave his advice Nostitz for services rendered in the village Arnsberg office Brandenburg hereditary feudal law to. As a part of the salary can be seen there, if the Duke on 6. September 1552 his Council a Baustätte behind the castle of Königsberg in the upper left graciously Firmanei.

The duke's gift of grace and a further acquisition included the first investiture of other rural land. The possession of the prescription date 16. February 1565 consisted of no less than 110 Hooves forest, of which Nostitz 60 received for his services, and bought the rest himself had. He lay in the northern corner of the office on the border of the Office Stradaunen Angerburg. Not long after, he also brought the estate of his cousin George se. (44 Hooves) In his will, dated 17. June 1578 is also the south to Good saddle joke called him seriously. Almost as urban estate could “Bright site behind the home support at Königsberg” be referred, to him 1565 was awarded. Total owned Nostitz the 300 Hooves land, which earned him the envy of the leading circles.

Meanwhile, his wife Barbara was in 1577 after 38 Died years of marriage. The marriage produced three sons and a daughter. The daughter Margaret (the third child) appeared as chamber Jungfrau in the service of the Duchess Anna Maria, and was soon in 1566 Sebastian Broll of Mayrhofen on Reichenau and Ponarien (Morag circle) married. She received as a dowry from the father next 4000 Mark, Jewelry, Clothes and jewels worth 1300 Mark. The marriage lasted only a few years, because Margaret died 1574.

His sons got the same good education: The two oldest sons Kaspar and 1545 Born Friedrich should first study in Tübingen. The former died at a very early, allegedly to Padua years 1564. Friedrich had become a counselor and married twice: Anne of Sallet and Anna of Eichicht. He left only a daughter who later married Henry of Halle. He died on 11. June 1599.

Son Christopher had gone to Silesia, where he married Elizabeth of Strantz and died childless 1585. Levielle Kaspar von Nostitz away on 22. March 1588. His resting place, he was next to his wife in front of the choir kneiphöfischen Cathedral. They also did not know much about his official activities. For example, that he appeared for a short time in the series the top viscount, that he is by application of mills, Ponds, Dams and canals, and earned by good design of the villages around the country has made, that he was a great opponent of Osiander and that he improved the royal household…


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