Works of the historian and genealogist, Johann Georg Leuckfeld

His birthplace is in the golden herring Aue in Thuringia, where he died on 4. July 1668 was born. His parents were wealthy compatriots, did, however, so little attention to his lessons, At fifteen he was scarcely able to read. (The family has been Leuckfeld 1594 detected in herring. Herring was 1439-1815 Stolberg, a joint office in Electoral Saxony Schwarzburg Oberlehnsherrschaft)

After his father died, He received his entreaties for permission, to devote himself to the study. Now he learned in a very short time the Latin language, and later attended high school at Quedlinburg, then the University of Leipzig, However, when he had to earn his keep with corrections for the booksellers, while studying theology.

In 1700 him to the abbess of Gandersheim appointed her secretary and asked him the archives of the abbey to fix it. An inborn instinct led him into this position for the study of history and he considered himself very lucky, decipher ancient writings and analyze, which until then had eluded all researchers.

Two years later he became pastor primarius to Groningen in Halberstadt, and from now on he divided his time between the duties of his office and the study of history and its related sciences. Here he died in the 24. April 1726, after 1712 become a member of the Royal Society of Berlin was.

His literary, all written in German language works consist of very detailed records and descriptions of occupied cities, especially of convents and monasteries, Biographies of scholars and coins. The most prominent was the found object 1700 discovered in the monastery Gandersheim marriage of the Empress Theophano.

His works:

  • Antiquities Walckenredenses: Or historical account of the famous former free imperial abbey Walkenried, Leipzig u. a. 1705
  • Antiquitates Gandersheimenses: Or Historical Description Of Uhralten kayser Lichen freemen worldly empire-Stifft Gandersheim, Wolfenbüttel 1709
  • Antiquitates Poeldenses: Or historical description of the Norbertine Order vormahligen Stifft Poelde, What also distinguished Funda-tions letters … of those monasteries Marienrode, Ilsenburg, New City, Bischofthum Würzburg, and goslarischen Cathedral Church beygefüge, Wolfenbüttel 1707
  • Historical Spangenbergensis: Or historical message of the life, Teaching and writings Cyriaci Spangenberg, Quedlinburg, Aschersleben, Struntz, 1712
  • Antiquities Katelenburgenses [= Kaltenborn] And what has been Cistercian convent in Vienna booms, Leipzig u. Wolfenbüttel 1713
  • Antiquitates Bursfeldenses: Or historical description of the former monastery Bursfelde, Leipzig u. Wolfenbüttel 1713
  • Antiquities Halberstadenses: Or historical description of the vormahligen Bischofthums Halberstadt, and those who lived in them bishops, Wolfenbüttel 1714 (as DjVu)
  • History Heshusiana: Or historical message of the life … Tilemanni Heßhusii, Quedlinburg or. a. 1716
  • Historical description of three in and around the floodplain lying areas Güldenen, the nunnery St. Georgii to Kelbra, together with genealogical message from the Earl of Beichlingen, Allstedt and Wallhausen, Leipzig u. a. 1721
  • Antiquitates Praemonstratenses: Or historical message of two formerly famous monasteries of St. Mary in Magdeburg and the grace of God in Calbe, Magdeburg u. a. 1721
  • Antiquitates Michaelsteinenses and Amelunxbornenses: Historical or description of the formerly famous Cistercian abbeys and Michael Stone Amelunxborn, Wolfenbüttel 1710
  • Antiquitates Ilfeldenses, or historical description of the monastery, Quedlinburg 1709 2. Download option
  • Antiquitates Gröningense, or historical description of the bishop's residence in the Principality of Halberstadt, Quedlinburg 1710
  • Antiquitates Blanckenburgenses: Or, Genealogical and Historical Description of those formerly lived on counts of Blanckenburg Hartz forest, In addition to a short message from the old Kayserl. Saxon. Pfaltz City Wallhausen. As well as some genealogical tables which stem Ducal. Brunswick- and Lüneburgischenn hereditary marshals and masters of Oldershausen, 1708
  • Chronology abbatum Bosaugiensium: Or part of those formerly in the famous Benedictine monastery abbots lived in Zeitz, Naumburg 1731
  • Historia Hamelmanni: Historical or message of the life, Operations, Herm and writings. Hamelmanns, distinguished from rare documents compiled, and with many previously unseen letters so well located that man, tried by others than theologians, 1721


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