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Yearbook of Swiss history


Mit interessantengeschichtlichen Beiträgen vollgespickt, are the 45 Volumes of the Journal of Swiss history (1876-1920) as the online editions with download option in " Portal" are made available.

In addition to essays on the Peasants' War, the political- and ecclesiastical history of the Confederation, There are articles on the art of printing, and local- and family history..

The four registers volumes are directly linked to the leaves.

Below is a small selection of topics from Volume 1-45:

The French and Lombard usurers money of the Middle Ages, especially in Switzerland
A thurgauisches Schultheis lineage of IX. and X. Century
The Calvinist Switzerland in its relations with Charles I. of England, William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Covenanters
Johann Philipp, Baron Hohensax, Mr. Sax and to Forstegk
History of domination Griessenberg in Thurgau
The Steiner's regiment in Graubünden, 1620-1921
The Confederates and the Count of Toggenburg : Origin and character of the old Zurich War
The status and history of the canton of Schaffhausen during the Thirty Years War
News about Hans Waldmann from the first three decades of his life
Register: Contents of Bd. I.-X. the Yearbook
The relations of the Kingdom of Burgundy to the emperor and empire of Henry III. up to the time of Frederick I..
Johann Caspar Zellweger and the founding of the Swiss historian History Society
Johannes von Muller on landgräflich Hesse and Westphalia royal court in Cassel
The Barons of Ringgenberg, Bailiffs of Brienz and the trade Ringgenberg : a contribution to the Swiss Dynastengeschichte and criticism Tschudischer historiography
Register: Contents of Bd. XI.-XX. the Yearbook
Ulrich von Eppenstein, Abbot of St. Gallen and Patriarch of Aquileia
Political relations of Venice to the three federations : especially in the eighteenth century
Opplingen im Lande Uri: Studies on the Origin of Allodialbesitzes Burgundian dynasties in Uri
The family book rheintalischer two bailiffs of the XV. and XVI. Century (Hans Vogler, the reformer of the Rhine Valley)
Studies of the older St. Galler documents: the land distribution in the northeast of Switzerland and the neighboring tribal areas Alamannic the Carolingian period
Petrus Caroli und Johannes Calvin: a contribution to the history and culture of the Reformation
Register: Contents of Bd. XXX XXI.. the Yearbook
The lords of Rümlang to Alt-Wülflingen
Nicholas Zurkinden of Bern 1506-1588 : a picture of life in the century of the Reformation
Milan and French in Switzerland 1495-1499 : federal states in the age of the Swabian War
Willibald Pirckheimer and the Imperial City in the Swabian War
Register: Contents of Bd. XLI.-XLV. the Yearbook

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