Yearbook of the Heraldry Society “Eagle”

"Eagle" is the short name of the Heraldic-Genealogical Society "Adler" in Vienna, The Company was incorporated on 10. More 1870 as a society, founded in Vienna and Berlin, according to the Herald, the second oldest in Europe.

The founders were mostly aristocrats and members of the emerging middle classes in Austria and Hungary. Genealogy, Heraldry and sphragistics of the Austrian nobility were the focus of the activities of the "Eagle", who was one of the most respected companies very soon, dealing with historical auxiliary sciences.

This is also reflected in the old library resources and collections. Even today, students at “Institute for Austrian Historical Research” University of Vienna on the large special library of the Society "eagle" referred. (See article in Wikipedia) In the meantime, 52 Volumes of yearbooks have been published.

Older series:

Flight. 01, Year 1874
Flight. 02, Year 1875
Flight. 03, Year 1876
Flight. 04, Year 1877
Flight. 05, Year 1878
Flight. 06, Year 1879 (Flight. 6 you. 7)
Flight. 08, Year 1881
Flight. 09, Year 1882
Flight. 10, Year 1883
Flight. 11, Year 1884
Flight. 12, Year 1885
Flight. 13, Year 1886
Flight. 14, Year 1887
Flight. 15, Year 1888
Flight. 16, Year 1890 (Flight. 16 and 17)

New Series:

01. Band, Year 1891
03. Band, Year 1893
04. Band, Year 1894
05. Band, Year 1895 (5. you. 6. Bd.)
07. Band, Year 1897
08. Band, Year 1898
09. Band, Year 1899
10. Band, Year 1900
11. Band, Year 1901
12. Band, Year 1902
13. Band, Year 1903
14. Band, Year 1904
15. Band, Year 1905
16. Band, Year 1906
17. Band, Year 1907
18. Band, Year 1908


Yearbook of the K. K. Heraldic Society “Eagle“, with tables and illustrations, Vienna: Self-publishing 1874-1908

Weblinks: (Genealogical queries)

Nobility in the list of the deceased in Vienna
General index of names to the Vienna Genealogical Paperback
List of the deceased to the city of Vienna

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