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Eduard Fuchs: Illustrated social history from the Middle Ages to the present


Eduard Fuchs was regarded as an extremely more profound scholar – his thinking purely scientific, But he made no secret science knowledge and understanding. Who promotes new areas of scientific research and explore new ways, one of a series of designers. Among them will Eduard Fuch a very high rank. He has written the first in Germany have a history of caricature, we thank him the first German customs History.

Fox made many long trips across the continent, and there was no stay in a city without visiting the museums, Copperplate- or antique dealers. And he never returned without a “Fund” or more. Strikes each of a work of Eduard Fuchs, is struck by the enormous number of photographs and documents of all kinds. It is therefore considered one of the greatest collectors of geniuses who ever lived.

He also worked very intensively with the daily story; he knew the economic history better than most editors and prove the experience, that its economic diagnoses and prognoses were unfortunately always right. The writer Eduard Fuch is a special appearance. His language is colored, witty, pictorial and sculptural. His speech always sounds fresh and happy. Eduard Fuch is a cultural historian of very large size and probably the biggest culture- customs and the portrayer Germany ever had.

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For a flyer, He said in January 1888 published, Kaiser Wilhelm in which he called "Prussian mass murderer" designated, he was sentenced to five months in prison. Eduard Fuchs was 1888 Founding member of the Association of Commercial Employees in Stuttgart. Because of his political activities, he was denounced by an informer, which had five months in prison for distribution of illicit socialist writings result. Fox was held in August 1890 first as advertising director, then as editor of the Social Democratic Munich Post Employment. Im April 1892 He designed the 1. May issue of the satirical magazine Süddeutscher postilion. His political statements as editor brought a number of charges: 1894 because of "incitement to violence", 1897 because the poem Revelations (six months in jail), 1898 lese majeste in Nuremberg (ten months imprisonment). It. Fox wrote in his book, this time Caricature of the European nations. Five days in prison, he received, because he had slapped a host, Socialist posters demolition. 1901 was his move to Berlin, where he served as editor of the newspaper Forward continue its activities led. For the publisher, he gave several illustrated hard numbers for 1. More, Socialist Law, 8. March and Easter out. Internal party satirical magazines, he criticized the revisionism of Bernstein and David.


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