Hitler in Polen

The first event was the war underhanded attack on Poland on 1. September 1939. It was preceded by no declaration of war!

Im Anschluss an dieses Kriegsverbrechen wurde dieses Buch zu Propagandazwecken veröffentlicht, provided with Hitler's speech and the footage of that campaign..

Hitler's war justification:

For months, we all suffer the agony of a problem, that has brought us once the Versailles Treaty and which is now in its degeneracy and degeneracy had become unbearable. Danzig was and is a German city! The Corridor was and is German!

All these territories owe their cultural development exclusively to the German people, ohne das in diesen östlichen Gebieten tiefste Barberei herrschen würde. Danzig wurde von uns getrennt! The corridor was annexed by Poland! The German minorities living there in the most appalling manner abused!

As always,, I have tried here, bring about by peaceful revision proposals to change the intolerable position. It is a lie, when it is alleged in the world, that we attempting to carry out any revision under pressure…

I've been watching this trend for four months now quiet, but not, without warning again and again. I have strengthened in recent years these warnings. I can tell the Polish Ambassador three weeks ago now, that, if Poland would send notes to other ultimate Danzig, if it would make more repressive measures against the German, or if it should try, destroyed on the way customs policies Danzig economically, then Germany could no longer stand by and watch more!

Foreword by General Keitel:

…As head of the High Command of the Armed Forces I have the leader in all his journeys front accompanied. Everywhere, where German troops were fighting in heavy fighting for Germany, stood by them and their supreme commander…

Keitel's handwritten signature


Hoffmann, Heinrich: Hitler in Polen, Berlin: History Publishing, 1939

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