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The guesthouse height hunters near the Wolf's Lair headquarters leader

Fast 70 Years later and countless books written, which dealt with the Nazi regime already, a wealth of new releases and all known sources, Letters and documents seem to have been evaluated, or maybe not? Came a few years ago in an unusual way, through our family Liesegang a contemporary document in my hands, as it can not be unique! Perhaps one or the other is still alive and may remember, also wrote a dedication in memory to have. What are your feelings and thoughts of those memories may well be accompanied?! This document is the guest book at the inn or guest home "level fighter". It documents the one hand, those who stayed impressively distinguished guests at that time there, It proves the billeting of research staff at current as vain, Joachim von Ribbentrop during the 2. World War II and it documented the visits of senior diplomats and military leaders of all nations. Conspiratorial meetings fascist ally, or outings? I like that the latter is not quite believe it.. JH-2-19360709 Hunter was high since 1936 a sports hotel, expanded at the Winter Olympics at the Schwenzaitsee Jägerwäldchen and halfway between Angerburg and Ogonken. Since 1927 owned the house hunting forest height with its restaurant and guest rooms on a regional reputation for its cuisine which particularly affected, that the multiple entries in the guestbook which show the date 8. July 1930 begins. [1] The Fuehrer's headquarters located near the "Wolf's Lair" was not only the highest political and military authority of the Third Reich, It also represents the center of a network of command posts surrounding, the power- and warfare headquarters of the Nazi state. [1] The plant was made on purely functional aspects, and should correspond emphasizes a spartan lifestyle. Hitler, in his speech to the Reichstag after the attack on Poland on 1. September 1939 had announced, He would be the "gray skirt" take off until after the victory again, wanted to raise in relation to a later heroic historiography ostentatiously ascetic life of a soldier. [1] Which corresponded to the simplicity of the barracks and bunkers of the power center of concrete. The Wolf's Lair was by a protective belt of several barbed wire fences with a depth of about five meters in front of it and laid out rolls of barbed wire and anti-tank ditches with a width of 50 Meters and a length of eight kilometers, surrounded.[1] JH1942-02 I will not go into at this point on each entry, and I will show only a few sheets of this guestbook from the years 1936 to 1943. The last entry is dated the guestbook 17.9.1944. On the left is seen the dedication of Wilhelm Keitel, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, which 1942 has entered. At the 13. More 1945 was Keitel of the Allies arrested and transferred to Nuremberg. Along with twenty-three others it was a process made. In all four counts he was convicted: Conspiracy to plan a war of aggression, Crimes against peace, War crimes and crimes against humanity. According to the indictment, he was responsible for the involvement of the Wehrmacht as an institution in the criminal actions of the Nazi regime particularly responsible. The death sentence was the 16. October 1946 enforced. JH-0-1935-0616 1935 Himmler of the SS anti-Semitic diatribe, which is believed to be essentially the same as writing the subhuman. In it, the Jews and the Communists as a brutal and inferior, as so-called "sub-human", who are still among the animals, characterized. Himmler was in the murder of European Jews involved. The guestbook Himmler also dates from the year 1935. Already 1939 He was in Poland as a Commissioner for the Consolidation of German Nationhood special powers, to fight the Polish intelligentsia and Polish Jews, what by killing, Ghettoization and starvation was accomplished. Unlike Hitler, Himmler again visited the crime scenes of Nazi atrocities and inspected, where he was also spectator of mass exterminations. He visited the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, Sobibor was and at the Einsatzgruppen in Poland JH-0-unterschrifts-vergleich At a mass shooting at the Task Force Bach-Zalewski said to have vomited, whereupon he gave the order, Women and children only to be murdered in gas vans. His concern was not "humane" reasons, but only a "hygienic" form of mass murder. [2] That it is his signature in this book shown here document proves the 24. October 1939

A unique piece is the same as the registration of Paul Koralus *1892 in East Prussia Widminnen, Students under Cauer and become known as a sculptor, During his visit here 1936 Hunters in the amount. The following 5 Figures are from the period between September 1937 and 1938, Unfortunately, the date is missing. A guest in the amount hunters have included all broadcast director of the Imperial station etc. Among them Ernst Himmler *1905 (Brother of Heinrich Himmler above, Reichsführer SS) His responsibilities included the broadcasting of major events on the radio. Ernst Himmler's death could not be clarified until today. It is believed, however,, that he committed suicide. He had benefited from the rise of his brother and was ideologically totally with him on a line.
JH-3-1938-1 JH-4-1938-2 JH-5-1938-3 JH-6-1938-4 JH-7-1938-5
The Second World War claimed some 55 to 60 Million lives. He was a strong ideological, often marked with racial traits, to the numerous war crimes and violent, most systematic attacks against civilians or prisoners of war led. With the Nazi war aim of the habitat gain and the concept of blood and soil was also inextricably linked to the Holocaust, the fall of the Nazis alone six million Jews and four million members of other systematically marginalized and exploited groups for victims. The borders of Central- and Eastern Europe, in the Middle East and other regions have been redrawn. [3] Before Hitler declared war the following persons stayed in the Jägerhof. I admit, history that I did not have the necessary detailed knowledge. But I very much hope, that maybe one or the other aspect is considered new.
JH-8-19390606 JH-10-1939-0620 JH-11-19390707 JH-12-193907
The many individual upheaval caused by the Second World War by uprooting a million-fold in the form of emigration, War refugees and displacement of local populations. That the civilian population in comparison to the First World War even more directly affected by the fighting was, lay one hand on the hitherto unknown level of development of aviation and defense industries, on the other hand, approving acceptance of civilian victims of the terrorist strategies, inserting in the context of the new weapons of war veterans often. It enabled the large-scale bombing of entire neighborhoods in Europe and Asia. The culmination of this development were the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The year will end the fighting began on 2. September 1945 the surrender of Japan, the complete defeat of Italy (1943) and Germany (8. More 1945) followed, whereby the Allies achieved their main war aim. [3]
JH1939-02 JH1941-0 JH1941-01 JH1941-02 JH1941-03
Since the Second World War was largely led by Germany, for ideological reasons, occurred in the course of numerous war crimes, against the Jews, Sinti and Roma, and particularly against as "subhumans" Eastern Europeans considered directed, of. B. the Leningrad blockade, with over one million victims. [3]
JH1941-04 JH1941-05 JH1942-01 JH1942-03 JH1943-01

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