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  1. Hello Margit, nothing easier than that! I admit it is not now so “flowery” back, but confine myself to the facts:

    1. The wife of Schafmeister Nicolaus Liesegang, Margarethe Wolff, is most 22.3.1701 died (Age: 67J 5 Weeks)
    2.At the 19.9.1752 morning the Georg Wilhelm Liesegang is a daughter born (Baptism 21.9.) Taufname: Maria Christina
    Taufpaten: Johann Heinrich Sander and Maria Christina Hoff desert
    3. At the 12.10.1748 at 1:00 Clock is the Georg Wilhelm Liesegang birth to a daughter (Baptism 15.10.) Taufname: Susanna Katharina
    Taufpaten: Susanna Katharina, Wife of Andreas Henze and Franz from Mr. Eden
    4. Johann Georg Wilhelm Liesegang from Hochstädt native married on 23.11.1747 Catharina Maria Obermann
    5. Johann Caspar Liesegang from Appenrode native married on 13.10.1739 Catharina Maria Henze


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