Witch trials in Mecklenburg

hexenThe following, from Rambow native people were accused of witchcraft:

1621 Elizabeth treeshakers died by burning at the stake

1697 Trine Molten (died during the procedure by Folterei)

1697 Christian Korff and Anngret Moltken (Whereabouts unknown)

Those: State Archives in Schwerin, The acts, constitutions and edicts; Criminal records and offices of the cities of Rostock city archives, Schwerin, Güstrow, Wismar, Parchim and Sternberg, minute books and records of the law schools award the universities of Rostock, Greifswald, Helmstedt and Brandenburg (1570 to 1720) Rostock University Library, Abt. Special Collection, Inventory family papers

Directory of Copulationen from its beginnings to 1704, Census 1819 in Rambow

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