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Heraldic History of Art in Switzerland

heraldik-schweizThe author of the book "The history of Heraldic Art in Switzerland in the XII. and XIII. Century " the territory of Switzerland to the study selected in this book, has taken place here since the development of heraldry under the influence of French and Italian culture trends early and rapidly and because the country is rich in heraldic monuments.

Among the illustrations are , to name a few examples, the seal of the Count of Montfort 1214, the Count Rudolf of Habsburg 1243, Ulrich of Kyburg 1223, the arms of the Barons of Regensburg, those of Stone, the counts of Geneva, the sign of the sarcophagus of Count of Hapsburg (Wettingen)

Of: Paul Ganz, Verlag J. Huber, Frauenfeld (Switzerland) 1899