Nathanael Caroli: Comments about Spangenberg hen Bergische genealogies

Nathanael wurde um Caroli 1550 born son of a clergyman, and after completing his studies 1572 Diaconus und 1574 Archdeacon in his native city, later pastor 1576 to Schwarza, 1581 and to Behlrieth 1593 to Sülzfeld at Henneberg. Here he died in May 1607.

Caroli is in the range of those, by thorough, on writing- and have worked monumental records based research on the structure of hen Bergische history meritorious. Above all, sharpened his historical view of the favorable circumstance, that he could use during his pastorate at that time there Schwarza located Archive of the Earls of Henneberg-Römhild.

Therefore, he was verbally and by letter supporting Cyriak Spangenberg, than this his "chicken Bergische Chronicles" worked. But since it is printed at Strasbourg, with its history was not satisfied, he ordered all his previously collected messages to a "chicken Bergische Chronicle", Although he presented with Spangenberg's work basically, But they improved from leaf to leaf.

Besides this major work he produced some small essays on history hen Bergische. Unfortunately, all his works went to his death from his family and kept as, during the Thirty Years War, and only lost a large fragment of his comments on Spangenberg's chronicle was rescued. It is the same in the home of Louis issued hen Bergische Chronicle (III. 201–296) published and used by later historians hen Bergische.

Consistent with his observations about Spangenberg hen Bergische genealogies provided as a chronicle Download available, kindly provided by the University of Duesseldorf.

Other literature in connection with the noble Henneberg:

Theodor Gener: History of the city Schleusingen to the death of the last Count of Henneberg
Karl Schoeppach: Hen Bergisches Urkundenbuch, 1. Part, Mine 1842
Ferdinand Werther: Chronicle of the town of Suhl in the princely county of Henneberg, 1. Band, Suhl 1846
Chronicle of the town of Meiningen 1676 to 1834, Hen Bergischer Alterthumsverein Meiningen, 1834
Cyriacus Spangenberg and John Louis Home: Hen Bergische Chronica, Band III., 1776

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