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Hans Joachim von Ziethen on Wustrau

In the area of ​​the city Ruppin, is the village Wustrau. At the end of the 17. Century included the lands of this village three landowners, one of them was from Hans Joachim Matthias Zieten. He possessed all of the fields and meadows only the smallest part of a year and it did not bring him more than about 400-500 Dollars a. So there Zieten lived with his wife Catharina Ilsabe, a born Jürgas. The five children of Mr. von Ziethen had four daughters and a son. The son was on 18. More 1699 born and got the baptism the name Hans Joachim.

When Hans Joachim 14 Years old was he asked his parents to give him up for military. At the village Wustrau the village borders with the name Buckow. This belonged to the Barons of Schwendy, who was chief of an infantry regiment at that time. At the request of the General Zieten parents took the Junker in his regiment. At the 7. July 1720 He was appointed ensign. Before, in 1719 his father had died.

1728 he was taken to Fredericksburg at Königsberg in imprisonment for almost a year and it was not long, Then the king ordered him to be. A tremendous sermon had Zieten now to go through, thereafter, he was appointed First Lieutenant. In 1735 arose between France and Germany for war (two years earlier was King Augsut II. died of Poland) As Zieten after this campaign 1736 returned to Berlin, his marriage was prepared. The marriage with the beautiful Judith Leopoldine of Jürgas was 1737 celebrated. The king appointed him 1739 to his Hussars Corps. At the 31. May of the year 1740 died King Frederick William I. of Prussia. He was succeeded by his son, Friedrich II., 28 Years old. In October of the same year also died unexpectedly the German Emperor Charles VI., the only heir was a daughter of Maria Theresa. Genealogies can be found in the database, and to see how the story continues, you can download the book below is passed.


Cock, Werner: Hans Joachim von Zieten Royal Prussian cavalry general, Knight of the Black Eagle Order, Commander of the regiment of the Royal Hussars, Owner of the Manor at Wustrau, Berlin 1850 (Download)

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