Great German from Pomerania

As part of this special exhibition here Pomeranian personalities from all fields of art, Scientists and mathematicians, Political personalities, Legal scholars, Language- and literary scholars honored. A special highlight are the portraits in the back of the book.

She owns a name like: of Schimmelmann, Rubenow, Adelung, Groening, Bill Roth, Virchow, von Dewitz, by Winterfeld, von der Marwitz, of Borcke, Schwerin, Fire, Runge, Ledebur, von Kleist, von Manteuffel, Bismarck, Bugenhagen, Mevius, of the East, Normann, Dohr, Kugler (which are partly to be found in the database with its genealogies)

Editor: The intellectual Pomerania: Height from German Pomerania, as part of the special exhibition in the country house at the Szczecin Pomerania Gaukulturtage 1939

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