George Frideric Greifenklau Vollrads of a prelate of the middle Rhine Reichsritterschaft

The genealogical classification of the family settled in the Rheingau Greifenklau as country of origin, and as the home field of the noble families of angle called Greiffenklau, of Vollrads, Touch-of Vollrads, Matuschka-Greiffenklau of Vollrads.

Countess Clara Matuschka-Greiffenklau (1870-1959) in long years the Castle of Archives of Vollrads sighted, organized and made available for scientific research. The nucleus of their aristocratic landowners in the village in the district of angle and angular, to look the part of rheingauischen Urmark.

In Vollrads Palace (Formerly Wasserburg) living descendants of the medieval and later Greifenklau of Vollrads (from 1862 Count Matuschka-Greifenklau) The family had Vollrads Greifenklau of the old imperial church asked several bishops and Archbishop dignitaries. In the 16. Century seemed George Frideric gripping Klaus great-great uncle, Richard Greifenklau as Kurerzbischof von Trier (1511-1531) by Georg Friedrich himself nor are his great-nephew Johann Philipp (1699-1719) and the great-grandnephew Carl Philipp (1749-1754) to name as prince-bishops of Würzburg…


Georg Friedrich Greiffenclau of Vollrads : 1573 – 1629 ; a prelate from the middle Rhine Reichsritterschaft. Rise and took office in Mainz / Ferdinand W. Channel Mainz : Offered. f. Middle Rhine. Church History, 1977 (Download)

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