Cross-family seminar- and local research 29.01.2010 – 31.01.2010

Families- and local research focusing Pomerania, particularly Greifenhagen, Greifenberg, Naugard

For the umpteenth time, genealogists and local historians to meet its annual meeting in Baltic Academy in Travemünde. For ten years there has been cooperation between the Baltic and Academy Pomeranian Cross e.V.

The seminars are already more, yet it always manages to interesting speakers for the "history from below", such as the Family Research is also often called gain. For local research, which is also involved with, Already have been many family researchers by developing its own family. History of the site thus keeping alive the memory of our ancestors, the whole of the Pomeranian are, belonging for the most part no longer in Germany. But is the preserve of the story not only an end in itself, but also to future generations the opportunity to give regional history in the smallest units according to experience. These families are now simply- and local research, because history is not just "the history of the rulers', but also the experienced and suffered, in the positive, as in the negative sense. This support during the seminar, the libraries of the Baltic Sea and the Pomeranian Academy Cross Association. and the archives of the Society for Pomeranian families- and Local History, located in the home and during the conference, the most open.

Contact persons are women and women Rhodgeß Graening.

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