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Field Marshal Count Alfred von Waldersee

Not far from Dessau indicate two high walls and small crumbled wall remains the place, where once stood the village and castle Waldersee. Beginning of the 14. Century devastated the waters of the Elbe, and both 1341 There were the princes of Anhalt obtaining possession of the castle after the extinction of the same sex was here, completely pay off, to build a new stone with the Dessau. The goods of the parish church of St. Mary's Church Waldersee was the Dessau and Waldersee arms with that of gold and red shield gevierten, Joachim Ernst, Prince of Anhalt in the on.

Leopold Franz III., Prince of Anhalt-Dessau, later the first duke of his line, completed the example of many of the princes 17. Century following, a morganatic alliance with a lady of his court, Johannna Eleanor of Neitschuetz, Born Hoffmeyer (1739-1816) The son he gave the name “von Waldersee”. At the time of Frederick the Great during his lifetime was the kinship and friendship between the Hohenzollern and the Ascanians more closely. So it went without saying, that each rung of Anhalt was tribal in Prussian service, above all the “Old Dessauer” on its military alliance with the soldier king Friedrich Wilhelm I. and his son remembers. And so the young Franz Johann Georg von Waldersee entered service in Prussia as a government official.

The large “Grafenjahr” 1786, on the occasion of the accession of Frederick William II. had an abundance of able increases in the wake, also brought the young Council in Wroclaw Oberamt government, the nine-pointed crown and a special award to his family arms, the golden-red sign of the knights of Waldersee, the Prussian eagle king. (Preuss. Earldom 15. October 1786) Later came the Count of Waldersee returned to the court of his royal father, with him to the highest court office, to take over the duties of a master Oberhof. As such, he died 1828 in Dessau. He was the grandfather of Field Marshal.

And in yet another line, the Marshal its origin to the inventor of the iron ramrod, attributed to the Prince Leopold of Dessau. The first Count Waldersee was in fact married to the Countess Karoline Luise von Anhalt Casimira (what does he base askanischem) Louise died in 1842 and left behind three sons and three daughters.

Alfred (1832-1904) was on 13. January 1870 to the military attaché at the embassy in Paris and at the 2. May as adjutant of the emperor appointed. At the 2. Feburary 1891 Count Waldersee was the commanding general of the Ninth. Army Corps and appointed on 1. April 1898 He was the successor of Field Marshal Count von Blumenthal for the Inspector-General of the 3. Army Inspectorate, based in Hanover raised. At the 27. April 1900 He celebrated the 50th anniversary of service. He had been living 1874 the childless widow of 1865 late Prince Frederick of Noer. Her name was Mary Esther, born Lee. Graf Waldersee died on 5. March 1904 in Hannover.

The coat of arms 1786 is of gold and red quartered and topped with a silver heart plate, is a royally crowned (Prussian) black eagle. Three helmets with red and gold ceiling: on the right two growing entangled, of black and gold pieced arms, in the bare hands ever a natural holding fan of peacock feathers, on the average a red pointed hat hermelingestulpter, Duke of winning one on the left (Silesian) black eagle. As supporter inward two golden lions standing are attached.


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