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Buggenhagens grave plaque hidden behind images

Bildquelle: DerWesten, das Portal des WAZ Mediengruppe

Source: DerWesten, Portal das des WAZ media group

For a long time, probably stored in a central warehouse, the board of the museum and its history Dinslaken now awakened to new life.

Julius Melchior of Buggenhagen (the last of his race?) Born on 9. April 1811, died on March 21 1890. Mr. Mayor, and the Good Bear Kamp.

This extraordinary discovery points to, Buggenhagen that had three sons and one daughter, who died in childhood. His wife Charlotte died in Augusta 1857 During his last year in the mayor's office in Godesberg, since there was Buggenhagen 1851 resident. Some details were completely unknown.

In his death certificate it says "…our father, Father-in-, Grandfather ". Was he so but not the last? His grave table will now be restored and made publicly accessible, but it represents a piece of history Dinslakener. The whole article see here: Genealogies of this family can be found in the database and subsequent Link.


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