The goldsmith's art of earlier times in Prussia

These two works, I would like to point, because it not only the story of the goldsmith's craft in Prussia, a lot of genealogical notes provide. For almost all goldsmiths, or. Goldschmiedemeistern werden die familiären Zusammenhänge erläutert und Hinweise zur Herkunft gegeben und stellen so eine weitere wichtige familienkundliche Quelle dar.

The professional jeweler is probably the oldest metal craft in the world. Gold came in the rivers found in pure form and was the first, metal known to man. Goldsmith is the professional term for a craftsman, of jewelry and objects made of precious metals produced.


Czihak, It. v: The goldsmith's art of earlier times in Prussia, 1. Part Königsberg and East Prussia, 2. Part West Prussia, Leipzig: Hiersemann, 1903-1908 (In the 1. Part there is a name index)

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