Göttingen house brands and family coat of arms

Göttingen is probably in the year 1209 by the Count Palatine Henry (Son of Henry the Lion) the city charter and get out of this time is the old city seal:

It shows a right to the side of the viewer striding lions (the emblem of Guelph dukes) under a pointy roofed with three square towers occupied arc. The central tower is a single storey, wider and higher than the other and stuck with a knob, the sides are two stories, each with 4 Glazed windows and stuck with a Kreuchen. Between the towers to break the surface 4 Spheres arranged. The inscription reads in capital letters in Sigillum burgensium gotigen. It was always pushed off into white wax.

Regarding the family crest Gottingische flow the springs sparse. Neither there have been collections of arms, even with very few exceptions, portraits or tombstones preserved with civic coat of arms remained.

Excerpt of the book contained the names and descriptions:

of Adelebsen, Albrecht, of the Old, by nathan, Bachmann, of Badenhausen, Bartholdus, by Baumbach, Berbom, Becker, Berendes, by Berlepsch, Bermann, Bethe, Biermann, Bock Wülfingen, by Bodenhausen, Bodemeyer, Bornemann, von Boventen, by Brandis, of Boyneburg, Brandt, Bremer, Strings, von Cramm, Domeier, of Dörnberg, by Dransfeld, of Ebeleben, Endemann, Engelhardt, Falkenberg, Feltmann, Frisian, Franz, Fisherman, Furstenberg, von Gogreve, Gereke, Gercken, Germann, Gieseler, of Gladebeck, of Goslar, Goetz von Olenhusen, Strike, Greven, of Grone, God, Large, by Hagen, Hall of, Hampe, of Hanensee, von Hanstein, of Hardegsen, von Hardenberg, of Harlessen, Heistermann, Hohnstein, Holthusen, Horlemann, Kannengießer, Cone, of Kerstlingerode, Lampadius, Lindemann, Linsingen, von der Malsburg, Mansfeld, of Marenholtz, Marquardt, by Medem, von Olde Village, of Oldershusen, Pope, of Papenheim, Plessmann, of Plesse, Ramm, Raven by Kalenberg, of Rauschenplat, Raven, of speeches, Riemenschneider, Ripenhausen, Rode, of Rosdorf, of Saldern, Sartorius, of Scheden, Sartor (Schrader) Schilling, Schlegel, of slot, gen. Goertz, Segebode, Severin, Spangenberg, Specht, of mirror, by Steinberg, of Stöckheim, Stolle, Tedener, Tegetmeier, Timmermann, Great, Uslar, Velten, Count of Waldeck, Wangenheim, Wegener, by Westernhagen, Wind from home, Winkelmann, Winter, of Worbis, Wüstefeld. The majority of the names are found in the database with genealogies.


Meyermann, George: Göttingen house brands and family coat of arms, after the sealing of the Göttingen City Archives, taking account of the landed gentry from the collection of letters feud, Göttingen: Lueder Horstmann, 1904

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