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Genealogy of the Lords of Holzschuher Harrlach of 1748 bite 1786

The work begins with Carl Siegmund Elias Holzschuher of Harrlach, Born on 2.2.1713, which 1743 Land Assessor pm- and farmers and the court was 21.10.1755 died. He was married to Helena Catharina, the daughter of Hans Friedrich wooden spoon by Colberg, Wag- and Customs and the bailiff in the court of Maria Catharina, Born on 14.6.1713. It covers the ancestors and siblings lines and lines of extinct.

Released 1786 em Nuremberga …. Download:

Other literature:

Holzschuher , Johann Carl Sigmund : collection of some messages from the chapel on the cemetery at St . locust at Nuremberg as the family burial of the gender of Holzschuher , Nuremberg 1788

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  1. meant these two works are so :

    genealogy Johann Gottfried Biedermann do of the patricians of the former Imperial City , by the year 1854 / continued and HRSG . by Christoph Friedrich Wilhelm von Volckamer . Nuremberg: Self-publishing, 1854, IV, 148 S.

    Genealogy of the patricians of Nuremberg hochadelichen … been collected em present order and written correctly Johann Gottfried von Biedermann . Reprint of the edition of 1748 and 1854. Neustadt an der Aisch: publisher of art reproductions Schmidt , 1982, 789 S. em sep . counting , ISBN 3-923006-16-0

    The Holzschuher of Harrlach are one of the oldest patrician families of Nuremberg and was first mentioned in the year 1228. the rats were capable sexes . The family head of Wolf Holzschuher handed 2002 valuable family archive uma permanent loan the Nuremberg City Archives . In reported Michael Diefenbacher em releases of the Association for the History of Nuremberg , yearbook Banda 89, Jg. 2002

  2. Foi assim not find anything on the net . Thanks to you and the libraries . however, is the only one working copy of the Book of Nuremberg Biedermann on the patriciate . here would morrem Dresden Library done better the original scan . That would then, despite some weaknesses had a higher information content .



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