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Historical information about the Koszalin, Wipe and sexual repression Kolbergische Schweder

There are not many families for whom it is possible, expel such a long period of a genealogy.

The family owes Schweder this circumstance especially the family foundation by the Chancellor last Pomeranian Jacob Schweder and by later foundations. Not quite in a continuous genealogy, but occupied by older documents, walk the footsteps of the family until the 13. Century back. The genealogical tables contain only excerpts from the very extensive pedigrees, kept in the monastery library in Koszalin, or were.


The name Schweder is a proven, Old German personal name. Before the modern family names einbürgerten, led each person have only its own name, the maximum was added to distinguish an epithet, such as e.g.. Juvenus the Younger, Rufus the Red usw. More recent research has names for the name Schweder, the two root words “Swind or Swaid” and “day” found. Swind means strong, violently or quickly, and in today's “fast” contain. Swaid leads to the divine wrath “swaidan, swidun = Burn” back. The second is the root word occurring many “her”, gothisch “day”; first name in common with the importance “Lord” (exercitus) or “sublime” (altus) as the final word in meaning “Mr.” (miles)


In the later history we find a family with a Schweder “Ledebur” married. Remarkable still is the following facts: 1240 Sweder of the bush, as usual in the family of Baron von dem Bussche the name Southshore in this form of writing to this day as a first name is.

The first known member of the family of a genealogy has been done except for the presence of reliable, appears in the councilman James Schweder in Koszalin in the year 1450; His descendants are continued in the next centuries, the Council.

We come then to John and Anna Fred Schweder(t)it with their 6 Children: Peter, James later mayor of Koszalin (+1597) Hans Schweder, Anna (Schlieffen married to a native of St. Anthony Kolberg. The aristocratic patrician family of the Schlieffen played a major role in the history of Kolberg. The youngest daughter Barbara was married to the late Mayor Casimir Podewils. The noble family of the Podewils (1741 Also in the earl) was often landsässig and patricians represented at the Koszalin multiple.

Henry and Gertrude Schweder Ducherow come from all branches of the family in Koszalin and Kolobrzeg; by his brothers Gabriel and Peter in the pedigree are not descendants of noted. Henry and Gertrude had 9 Children, one of which died very young; a daughter and seven sons survived both parents; The oldest son was George, at the 24.3.1594, Jacob, the youngest, at the 4.2.1618 born. Mayor Henry died four years later. On the death of Gertrude, lived apart from their children even 26 Grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The genealogies listed in the database, among other documents available to the family.



Schweder, Otto Friedrich von: Messages about the Cösliner, Wipe Colberger repression and patrician- Schweder and Colberger Sülzgeschlecht, Meiningen: Keyßnersche Hofbuchdruckerei (Karl Keyßner) 1903

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