Graf Athanasius Raczynski: Historical research on the Polish noble families

Raczyński is the name of a major Polish nobility sex. The family coat of arms belonged to the community at Raczyński Nałęcz. They were a Polish Uradelsfamilie with the Mitau of nobility of the registered, and a branch in western Poland Greater Poland.

Originally they came from the area and were at first Wieluń 1541 documented. Zu dieser Familie gehört auch der Diplomat und Autor der beiden für die Genealogie wichtigen Bände “Historical research”, Graf Athanasius Raczynski (1788-1874)

The author explains in detail in his work, the Polish Nobility ratios and tells of the crest Community Nałęcz, which belongs to the Polish-Lithuanian nobility(and) In Band eins werden 88 Family coat of arms of various communities listed, with a full descent of the family Gedimin.

The second volume deals with the generation of those de Bin:

Bninski the Bnin
Opalenski the Bnin
Moszynski de Bnin
Szmigielski de Bnin

mit Auszügen der Stammtafel dieser vier Zweige. Zu ihnen gehörte der bedeutende Dichter und Schriftsteller Luke de Bnin Opaliński (1612-1666) and also the Politician and landowner Count Ignacy Bninsky (1820-1893)


Athanasius Raczynski: Historical research, Band 1 and Band 2, Berlin: R. Decker, 1860-62

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