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From the history of sex from Ramel

wappen-ramelThe sex of the Ramel, in earlier times Romel, Ramehl, Frames, Written ram and similar, was one of the most important Uradelsfamilien of Pomerania.

For Schlawe and specifically for the space Wusterwitz this family was of great importance, because the thorns along the Grabow: Wusterwitz, Balenthin, Söllnitz, Leikow, Soltikow, Bartlin and Nemitz was invested and on the other side of the site of the abbey with the Buckow Klösternitzer area.

The Gender expected to shut darn families and held the Erbmarschallwürde the pin Cammin, which was perceived each of the elders of the family. This office ran out after the secularization. In the homage to the Great Elector 1667 the family was compensated with the Erbküchenmeisteramt of Pomerania. This office was linked to the possession of Bulgrin in Belgard county. The chef was responsible for the supply of the princely court, when he was in the country.

The family is in 12. Century from Lower Saxony, probably migrated from the village became deserted after Romele about Mecklenburg Pomerania. It cites as arms: Top red gold star, below geschacht blue and silver. On the helmet with blue, red and gold ceiling nine interlocking of three spiral, blue, red and gold vines. Genealogies are, as always, to find in the database and the entire family of products can here werden.Vergleiche downloaded under:


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