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History of the baronial family von Eichendorff

eichendorffOne of the oldest families in all of Germany, include Baron von Eichendorff. Luster and glory bestowed a member of this family, in which the German people the most talented poet of the Romantic school, the church one of its most loyal sons, State officials celebrated a deserved.

The cradle of the Upper Silesian Eichendorff was located on the road between Opava and Beneschau German-Krawarn. This place, is one of the most populous villages of the district Ratibor, is also one of the oldest in the whole region.

Krawarn already appeared 1224 the time of King Ottokar I. of Bohemia in the story and gave the highly famous and powerful noble family of the name Krawartz. Excellent general and legal nurse, Founder of cities and monasteries date from this family. The higher clergy took from him some representatives.

In Magdeburg and Brandenburg sex Eichendorff was eating in a long time. Degenhard of Eichendorff on Wolmirsleben was before 1450 married with Oda. Otto von Eichendorff led to Radensleben 1544 Clara home of a hoe. Dorothea, Daughter of Hans von Eichendorff brought to Straußberg 1620 her husband Valentin von Sparr on Pommern 1300 Guilder dowry added.

Individual members of the family were knights of the swan Order, the Elector Friedrich II. of Brandenburg at Michaelmas 1440 had donated.

Heinrich von Eichendorff on Zerbow, a southeastern village of Kiistrin, had left several children in the marriage with a Linde mountain of the house of Decayed, of which Jacob, Adolf Heinrich and entered military service, Burchard but married a Miss Horn (Corner) followed from the house of Schönau and large cherry on Zerbow.

The 1631 in the Neumark rampant plague pulled out all its residents who are members of the family. Only Hartwig Erdmann, a son of Burchard was left, and was brought up by guardians appointed. His uncle Jacob to let Krawarn pick up his nephew and educate in his home, ALS is vom Tod des Bruders erfuhr. Hartwig Erdmann traveled 1650 to organize in the old home to his father's estate and married after his return in Silesia Sidonie von Larisch, Witwe des am 2. July 1651 deceased Franz Georg Orlik of Laziska. Continuation of the story…..Download

Author: Dr. hc. Augustin Bogislaus Weltzel (1817-1897) Theologian and historian, Ratibor 1876 (Self-published)