History of sex Arndt (Descendants of Andrew Arndt Putbus) with family trees and coats of arms

Arno Willibald von Arndt

Born 9.3.1835 in Rothebude, married on 10.10.1863 in Trier mit Catharina Elisabeth Charlotte Linz (called Rini) give. 1.6.1840 in Dusseldorf, died on 26.1.1898 in Baden-Baden, Daughter of the late Claud secret Governing Posa Linz. The couple had 5 Children, two of whom lived in the collection to the peerage.

Arno Willibald was the 5. Child of Carl Moritz Arndt. At home he enjoys the first class and is due to the dislocation of his father 1840 to Hambach near Jülich and 1844 to Trier, from where he 1844-1845 the elementary school and 1845-1847 the Sexta and Quinta attended the Gymnasium in Trier. In May 1847 He enters through the mediation of the privy councilor Dr. Bärsch in the cadet school Bendsberg a, attained the rank of sergeant and comes in May 1851 in the cadet school in Berlin; here he is on 12.4.1852 confirmiert and returns 1853 after completion of the cadet-examination back to Trier. At the 26.4.1853 the Infantry Regiment No.. 29 set as an ensign in Frankfurt, it comes from 15.10.1853 to 15.7.1854 zur Divisionsschule nach Trier und wird am 8.3.1855 Secondelieutnant called the Regiment. From the 1.7. to 1.12.1859 He is sent to the Landwehr battalion is at Andernach and 17.6.1860 Adjutant of 1. Im battalions Regiment Nr. 29. His promotion to take place on Premierlieutnant 28.2.1861, als Regiments-Adjutant am 11.6.1862.

His first child, Charlotte Hildegard sees the light of day on 18.8.1864, Ernst Moritz Arndt Arno Claud wird am 4.9.1865 and the third child born Aimée at 4.4.1868. The birth of the Son Arno Hugo Wilhelm Ernst Moritz Arndt is the 24.6.1869

Arno received for the battle of Gravelotte, the Iron Cross 2. Class, and shortly thereafter the Iron Cross 1. Class. In the casino of his regiment, he will be immortalized in a painting, it is the intervention of his company at Bose le Hard on 4.12.1870 give. From the end of the war until 30.10.1871 He is back in Trier, Here he receives the commemorative war, Then he was transferred to Koblenz and the daughter Claudia Caroline Sédanie is on 2.9.1872 born.

At the 19.6.1875 He receives the Knight's Cross 1. Class of Hesse Ludwig Order, at the 26.6.1875 the Cross Service Award (25. annually.) and at 25.4.1877 the Knight's Cross 1. Class of the Order of the Zähringer Lion Baden with Oak Leaves and Swords. When religious festival on 18.1.1882 he will receive the Crown Order 3. Class and reached at 12.1.1884 the dignity of the Supreme. Amend the Arno 17.1.1886 the Roten-Adler-Orden 3. Class with bow and swords on the ring. Previously, he worked at 16.9.1885 Kaiser on maneuvers and is involved in recognition of his collected in peace as in war services rendered by the King in the hereditary peerage. Thus, Arno Willibald the highest military medal awards and the highest SStufen, and reached the elevation to knighthood.

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The line Hinrich Arndt to Posewald
Johann Niclas Arnd line in the Granitz
Jürgen Friedrich Arnd line to Darsebad
Nicolaus Ludwig Arndt line to Trantow
Line Carl Arndt in Zipke
Ernst Moritz Arndt line of Bonn
Ludwig Heinrich, Georg Arndt line to Trantow
Johann Wilhelm Arndt line in Löbnitz
Linie Charlotte Dorothea Rassow, give. Arndt in Platenburg
Arno Arndt line Willibald von Baden Baden
Description of the coat of arms and nobility
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Ernst Moritz Arndt: History of sex “Arndt” (Descendants of Andrew Arnd Putbus) : together with family trees and coats of arms ; compiled from family papers, Documents, Church books and letters, Cologne: Bachem, 1898 (Online-Version)

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