History of the noble house of Campe and betting on Isenbüttel Mars Hagen

From the contents:

1163-1230 under the name of the Blankenburg
1230-1367 under the name of Campe
The von Campe Isenbüttel and betting on Mars by Hagen 1367-1782
The von Campe to Neindorff, Herlingsberg, Gersdorf, Elbingerode
Pedigrees of von Campe, of Bodendieck, of Krosigk, usw.



Steffens, Johann Heinrich: Sexual history of the House of Campe Hochadelichen Isenbüttel on Mars and betting Hagen etc. : together with related family trees, Coat of arms, Seals and other grösten Partly as yet unpublished documents and messages, 1783

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