The story of the von Meding

The family name first appears near Uelzen, in the place and this place is Medingen on the property and home of the family. Are of great importance for the family and their benefices from the earliest times, in particular the landscape of the Director of Hodenberg issued Lüneburg Lehnregister the Dukes Wilhelm and Otto and the Dukes and Bernard Wilhelm “Seculi XIV and XV”.

Almost simultaneously with the history of Duke Henry d. Lion, born anno 1129 in Ravensburg, begins the documentary history of the von Meding. On the death of his father at an age of about 10 Years, were for the Prince Henry clouded the prospects for the future rather. The highlight of his life was his train to Palestine anno 1172.

The father of Otto de Medinghe had at least three sons, under the Christian name Otto II, Werner I., and occur Pardam Paridam or in the documents. Brother Werner I. occurs in the document of 1200 Marshal on. His marriage with the daughter he had five sons Thiderici: WernerIII., Jordan, Otto, Werner IV. and Engelbert….


The prehistoric ministeriales
Age of sex and awarded him the Marshal Office
The lateral line Lobeck
Headquarters of the family and lineage


Meding, of W.F.C.L.: History of the Prince of Lüneburg tower sex domestic altadelichen those of Meding, 1. Part, Leipzig: Ludwig Denicke 1866 (Download)

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