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History and genealogies of the sex of Pressentin


Among the oldest families of the Mecklenburg Pressentin, because it has been over 6 Centuries found in records in Mecklenburg. Whether innate gender, So Wendish descent, or to the colonization of the 12. Century German immigrant families is, can not determine with certainty.

The name of the Wendish safe sex and the parent material is the same; The German immigrants were not demonstrably inclined, instead of assuming the name of her brought her purchased good. The coat of arms – a grasping claw with wings (perhaps taken from the arms of the sovereigns Wendish?)

One of the most prestigious in the country have Pressentin (as well as the Gamm, Pritzbuer and Rieben) does not belong, There are very few before the knighthood. You have to apply as in the cities usually stood slightly apart. According to existing documents, in which gender is mentioned, Be the first to be found:

Henee of Pressentin, This is from Nicholas II. and his sons Henry and John, Lords of Werle, listed as a witness as this Convention to the monastery Dobbertin Dobbin and the villages on Devesdorf 28. June 1275 sold.

Peter of Prestin is on Pressentin 1270 mentioned in the Pentz-Hoinckhusenschen collection. This is followed (according to Gamm) Peter, Nicolaus, Heinrich (*1328) Nickel of Pressentin, Heinrich (urkdl. 21. November 1300) Johann (urkdl. 2. March 1309) Engelke (urkdl. 1336) Ursula, which 1466 Johann von Hagen and married a daughter of Hartwig and Anna von Cramon was..

Reimar was for about 1487 married to a native of Barner and left four children: Anna married to Hans von Both village and vines on Kalckhorst, Bernd, and Catherine, Prioress of Klosters Dobbertin. Dinnies son had as a wife Ilse von Lohe. She was the daughter of John of flames on Scharstorf and Beidendorf, the two daughters, leaving behind as the last of his race before the 25. April 1524 must have died. Ilse was still 1595 as the last of their sex lives on and is likely to benefit 1609 be dead.

Their marriage produced 9 Children: Johann, Reimar, Diliana, Bernd, Emerentia and Hartwig, David and Ilse. The names of the spouses and wives are to Black Adam of Sternberg, of Klenau, Levin von Moltke, Elisabeth von Moltke, Catherine of Plessen, Eva von Preen and one of Schötze.

The last one in this book, Johann Joseph (1723-1764) was 1723 on a ship, Born probably in the Caspian Sea. He joined 1737 first as a Page, Services in Brunswick, where he later served as an officer. In the 7-year war 1756-1763, He led 2 Years as a Major of a regiment, and distinguished himself by his bravery and courage. He died 1764 as Herzoglich Braunschweigischer Major. With him went out the house Kaarz, he died unmarried and his brother Bernhard Christoph died before him. Full trunk lines to the family, as always, found in the database.


Pressentin, William of: History and genealogies of the members of the family of Pressentin (Prestin) to the collections of the Oberland Drosten Charles of Pressentin to Dargun, Schwerin: Hofbuchdruckerei Bärensprung, 1899 (The family trees are unfortunately the exception of two, useless)

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