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Family history of Kardorff

The name of the sex of Kardorff is German and means at the present dialect, the word “Kirchdorf”. So he is hardly in divergent form of early. The family is one of the oldest families in Mecklenburg. The book also influenced keep the seal of the family, and the emblem of Ratke Kerkdorp to Nikör (from the church in Dargun) The pedigree is as usual botched by Google.


Famous namesakes:

Siegfried of Kardorff (* 1873; † 1945), German politician and jurist
Ursula von Kardorff (* 1911; † 1988), German journalist and writer
William of Kardorff (* 1828; † 1907), Prussian-German politician and businessman


Matthias Carl Gottlieb Masch: History and records of the family of Kardorff. Stiller'schen Hofbuchhandlung, Schwerin 1850 (Download)

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