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History and genealogy of the family of Haugwitz


The sex and name are as old as the concept “Adel” in Germany. Already Sinapius, Peccenstein, Paprocius Knothe and claimed with certainty, that the family of Haugwitz in the days of the Saxon kings in particular, Franken was. Since the Middle Ages were the lords of Haugwitz in Saxony, Silesia, Bohemia, Moravia, the county of Glatz, as well as in the Lausitz, and later located in East Prussia. They are tribal- and related to the crest of Rechenberg.

The first known document of the name is dated to the year 1225. It reads: “Sifridus de Hugwitz donates 2 Annual interest rate shock to the nobility of Oberlausitzischen chapel founded in Bautzen“. Almost simultaneously “Golfridus, Guntherus, Rüdiger and Johannes” called. These four also in the area of ​​Bautzen and Andreas (1257) While in Silesia at Münsterberg and in connection with the monastery Heinrichau. The Good Neukirch (Upper- and low-Neukirch) southeast of Bischofswerda called very soon as the first property. It can be assumed, that it had Sifridus. The villages Haugwitz Baubitz or one of them in Borna, the other is at Grimsby, the family have not given the name, but conversely, came as the relevant items in their possession, approximately 1400.

The Diocese of Meissen, which belonged to the land around Bautzen, The war Otto von. at 968 been established. The case by the princes and the Wendish parts of the country should become ownerless Häuptline from here and from Merseyside, Zeitz, Spread of Brandenburg and Havelberg from the Germans and Christianity. This dual role, however, was nearly unattainable by the internal struggles in the realm. According to legend, were the jokes about Haug 1180 come with the Wettin in Saxony, and with them many knight from Franconia. Since there were no residents or Lausitz Knight. At 1225 there was the district of Bautzen, in some ways only in the state of the nation-building. Only 1247 was the Thüringen-Meissen margraviate in the reign of Henry the Illustrious from the House of Wettin.

Of particular importance is the documented occurrence of all these knights testified by Haugwitz for the question, whether members of the family of the so-called Tartarenschlacht participated in Legnica. The legend calls and Hans Caspar Haugwitz as campaigners and the truth of this statement has been long disputed. 16 Years before the Battle of Legnica 1241 have already been identified as sedentary Haugwitz.

The name appears in the first Haugwitz documents converted to multiple: “Hugo joke, Hubewitz, Hugawitz, Hugewicz, Hawgewicz” and erroneous writing after the hearing “Haubitz“. In the 16. Century would even members of the jokes Haug Pisch Kowitz (Biskupitz) claim, that the howitzer had another family and they are standing with those in unrelated. There are genealogists, the difference between the howitzers and Hauwitz make and talk about various arms of the two families. The error is due to, that Johann IX. Bishop of Meissen, is mentioned in several documents Haubitz (but certainly originated from the Putz Kauer line of Haugwitz) the Bishop of Meissen arms led, connected with his family coat of arms. The arms of the bishops was a pigeon.

Genealogy Silesian line:

Ruediger and John move in 1289 Silesia. Rüdiger in the area of ​​Schweid, Jawor, Münsterberg and John in the land of Glogau, Wohlau and Guhrau. What may have been the reason for his emigration? Germany had the 13. Century Silesia with a new mark against the Slavic territory won. The Dukes of the House of Piast dynasty of Henry I. to Henry IV. dominated most of Silesia, and had significant influence on the fate of Poland. The Landgrave Frederick of Thuringia (Sister, son of Henry IV. of Silesia) like and provost at the decision to Bernard of Kamenz 1289 The jokes have been Haug has a determining. Probably they have participated in the battles against Poland.

Headquarters, those of the Bohemian branch of the family in the county of Glatz was the good upper Pisch Kowitz, belonging to the reign Pisch Kowitz, its first known owner by name 1346 Otto von Haugwitz was. The members of this branch of the family dressed numerous royal and imperial offices. Wenzel von Haugwitz 1441-1454 served as a captain of the Governor's Glatzer Lichtenburg by Hynek Kruschina. Heinrich von Haugwitz 1686-1691 held the post of Verwesers to the provincial government and Franz Anton von Haugwitz was Governor 1741-1742.

Community with the coat of arms of Rechenberg:

The family of Rechenberg was one of the mightiest in Lower Silesia and 1515 been elevated to the peerage. After the great charter by King Vladislav of 6. January 1508 had the computer's Schlawa, Laubegast, Strunz, Linda, Tarnau, Karolath, Lips, Eichberg, Borau, Leutbach, Langenau, Spasm, Liver village, Wolfersdorf, Parchau, Heinzendorf etc. This should be added 1516 Wartenberg, Eckersdorf, Kunersdorf, Kleinitz. At 1520 Johann von Rechenberg received deposit as well as free city. Franz von Rechenberg sold 1560 the rule of the Knights of Bytom by Fabian Schönaich, the 1549 Captain Sagan was to.

The relations of Luther's wife Catherine v. Bora to the family of Haugwitz

Katharina v. Bora came from a family of Saxon Landadels.Nach generally believed she was on 29. January 1499 born; documentary evidence of this date is not. Because of the ramifications of their family and the uncertainty over the name of Catherine's parents, passed and there are different opinions about the birth Katharinas.Lange was assumed undisputed, that her birthplace, the village near Leipzig had good lip and that their parents Jhan v. Born on Bora Lippendorf and Catherine. in. Haubitz (See above) have been. This view in the literature is still genealoinischen finds festgehalten.In historical novels and stories are recently the representation, that, in Hirschfeld, now part of the municipality Reinberg, had been born, and that her parents Hans v. Bora to Hirschfeld and Anna, born. in. Haugwitz had been.

It is known, that of the reformer-law wife of Bora, Haugwitz was a born. Unfortunately, can not be determined, came from which line of Katharina von Bora mother. She was probably made by Neukirch, originate from which indeed all Haug jokes in Saxony, was also a close relative Christoph von Haugwitz, the transition to the new doctrine is thus easily explained. That the Haugwitzs because of the adoption of Lutheran teachings not only persecution and threats had been made to the individuals, but also suffered loss of power and property, can be seen easily from all sources.

Extract from the content:

Readers are told of the exact historical events of Haugwitz: over the line to Pisch Kowitz or Biskupitz, In addition to the lines in Bohemia and Moravia, the family of Saxony 14. and early 15. Century, the descendants of Hans von Haugwitz and on Neukirch Putzkau etc., Descendants of the brothers Caspar, Nickel and Hans von Haugwitz, the family of small-Obisch, the house Krappitz, Namiest, Kadlewe and great-Bohrau the house and estimate. A name index and a list of all goods, who have been in the possession of the family, and the pedigrees of all lines, complete the entire work.


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